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The Black Lady - Story of a Homeless Dog

Updated on October 3, 2015
This is a picture of Blacky and possibly her pup;  happily taken 8-Sep-2011. She is alive and well; mated, but both are well fed and laying at their favorite spot by Taco Bell.
This is a picture of Blacky and possibly her pup; happily taken 8-Sep-2011. She is alive and well; mated, but both are well fed and laying at their favorite spot by Taco Bell. | Source

Homeless, but not unloved!

This is the story of the black Lady we all lovingly call Blacky. Nobody knows where she came from or where she is going. You won't see her during the day, unless it is winter. At night she is laying by Taco Bell near a Food Lion and Family Dollar.
An employee from Family Dollar told me years ago that she used to have puppies behind their store in boxes and such. Many have tried to catch her, including Animal Control. I myself spend half an afternoon sitting there with food; ...she left, well fed, when the lunch meat was gone! lol

Blacky has everything against her: She is black, she is a Chow, she is scared by life and cruel humans, thus timid and distrusting. We don't know if she just comes by to eat or if she is truly and sadly homeless; she probably is, considering this hateful world. One year she had an entire pack of 6-10 dogs with her. We think they were puppies and suitors. If Animal Control got them, they died the same day! This is a rural county with people that fill the local shelter every week; a shelter with a horrible reputation that euthanizes everything every week! When the Taco Bell manager mentioned wanting to call Animal Control on her, his customers threatened to boycot his business! Blacky is homeless, but she is loved!

As long as I lived there she has always had bowls over bowls of food sitting under a small tree across the parking lot. For a while she was too picky to touch dogfood, having gotten tons of lunch-meat every day. Food Lion and the local Burger joints made good money on her. People would buy packs of lunch-meat and tons of burgers and give them to her. Blacky was living the good life!

Then one day she disappeared and wasn't seen for a while!

People would stop each other in the parking lot, asking about her! I myself and many of my friends would drive around to look for her. Every evening somebody was looking at that now empty spot by Taco Bell; Blacky!

I'm surprised it wasn't in the newspapers when she appeared again! I guess we all fear that if we call attention to her, that animal control will try to catch her again! It would mean practically instant death for her!

And for a creature that seems to have spend her entire life enjoying a freedom every dog on a short chain can only dream of, the hours or days in a cold concrete 'cell' would be more deadly than the lethal injection waiting for her!

So we all keep quiet about her; quick comments to eachother that we saw her and she is fine! And every time I drive pass there, coming from a long distance away now, I pray she is still there and safe!

Once not too long ago there was a Black Chow just like her in my former neighborhood. He was later found on the side of that state highway; ...lost forever!

Last year there was another close to where Blacky 'lives'. It was a sad relief to see it was a boy and not our Blacky; the loss of this life felt the same, but somehow not the same!

After not having been there in a year, my first day back in town for a visit I about cried when I saw her in her favorite spot. Blacky is alive and well; maybe a little matted still, but round and still moving with ease!

She is a beautiful creature, our Blacky! What a loss for humanity that she can no longer trust us! She has brought out the Best in a lot of people. How many of us can truly say that?!

So when I took this picture today, I spoke a prayer for her and her companion. I wish them safety, peace, a full belly and a warm place to sleep; the continuation of the freedom these creatures value so much! I pray that God is looking out for them! And maybe he can find the time and look out for all the other Blackys out there! If he can't, we will try our best to do it for him!


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    • Cat R profile imageAUTHOR

      Cat R 

      6 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      I hadn't seen her since about a week after I wrote this article and was afraid that my article may have gotten her caught and euthanized in the local shelter.

      To my relief I saw both of them a few days ago and they are both alive and well!

      While I no dog would have to live like them, there aren't enough people who would understand her/them and even try to give them a chance.

      The local shelter wouldn't think twice about euthanizing her!

    • Cat R profile imageAUTHOR

      Cat R 

      6 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      I hadn't seen her for a month and I am hoping she is safe and warm.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      7 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Very moving story.


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