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The Cat Hole Pet Door! A Great Way to Keep Dogs Away From the Litter Box!

Updated on January 15, 2014

I have always been a “dog person,” however, when my cat Norman came into my life several years ago…that changed. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love dogs but I guess you could say I like cats ALMOST as much! One of the reasons I never had a cat before Norman was the fact that I HATE litter boxes. Why? Well number one, they tend to STINK and number two, my dogs seem to think that the litter box is their own personal buffet table. GROSS! I will NEVER understand why some dogs like to eat cat poop but then again, I’m not a dog, and to them…cat poop is obviously delicious. Excuse me while I go vomit. Anyway…..

In my opinion, the best location for the litter box (in my house) is the laundry room. The floor is made of concrete (so no damage can be done if kitty happens to miss) and better yet, it is located in the basement. However, I have one problem...the dogs. In order to keep the dogs away from the litter box, I have to keep the laundry room door closed. Obviously, this presents a problem since the cats are not able to access the box when they have to go. The solution, an indoor cat door!

Cat love the brush that comes with the Cat hole Pet Door!
Cat love the brush that comes with the Cat hole Pet Door!

The Cat Hole Pet Door! Five Stars!

I did a little research online and found a great indoor cat door. The door I purchased is the Cat Hole Pet Door. It received a FIVE STAR rating on Amazon and is reasonably priced ($25 to $32…depending on the store you choose to purchase it from). My husband was able to install the door in less than thirty minutes and better yet, he had no problems since the door came with easy to follow instructions. Yes, you do have to take the door off its hinges and do a little cutting…but we aren’t talking a major construction project.

Once the Cat Hole Pet Door was installed I showed my two cats Norman and Claire how to use it (no, I didn’t attempt to crawl through as an example…though that would be funny). At first they were a bit tentative so I got the good old laser pointer out and that did the trick! I simply pointed the laser through the door and they chased it without even realizing what they were doing. Once they went through the door and realized nothing bad had happened…they went in and out with no problem. Oh…before I forget…the Cat Hole Pet Door has a unique and useful “extra” feature….a built in brush! The curve of the door has a built in kitty brush. So every time the cat goes in (or out) of the door…they get brushed! This is great for several reasons. First of all, the cats love the feel of the brush so it is an extra incentive for them to use the door and second, the brush gets rid of dust and dead hair. Nice!

So if you are looking for a well-made indoor cat door…I strongly suggest you purchase the Cat Hole Pet Door with built in brush. My husband and I both agree that it is a great way to keep the dogs from snacking on cat poop and the smell of the litter box from invading the rest of our home. Oh, and the cats love it too (especially the brush!).

Thanks for reading this HUB Page! If you have some spare time on your paws…please read some of my other pet HUBS!

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