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The Cat That Chases the Dog

Updated on June 19, 2013
A disagreement over yogurt
A disagreement over yogurt
Lola sleeping position at times
Lola sleeping position at times

I would say it is a small miracle. A cat chasing a dog. It is definitely an odd and humorous sight.

We have such a thing. The two cats in our household were here long before we got Lola, a puppy Jack Russell.. Because the puppy was around the same size as a cat, our cats, Tiger and Princess, accepted this strange thingy with bewilderment and amusement yet with caution. The smelled one another. They looked at one another. The cats, early on, set the puppy straight as to who was the boss. When the puppy got a little too close, the cats would swat the pup in a more friendly manner. Lola got the message about boundaries.

As the dog grew up, it became only a few pounds heavier than the male cat, Tiger, who is 13 lbs., Lola is 16 lbs. Size wise, they are similar. Lola is now a teenager in dog years, Tiger is middle age. The teen dog tries to be the boss and her bark bothers the cats enough to empower the dog. Yet, it does not always work when Lola tries to bully Tiger. Tiger often stands his ground and uses the power of the paw in persuasion. The swat often connects but Tiger knows Lola is a "friendly" so the claws stay retracted. Lola is quite aware of Tiger's right swing and can take evasive maneuver before impact.

Depending on both animal's mood, Tiger, at times, is simply tired of Lola's bullying. The cat will swat to force Lola back, then continue with the right hook paw in an aggressive manner. By this stage, Lola is on the defensive and retreats with Tiger in pursuit. A few times, Lola runs out of fear only to see Tiger chasing her. The unique event does not last long, 10-15 seconds at most. It is hilarious to see this.

Despite this, Tiger and Lola are siblings in the true sense of the word, while, Princess is leery of the dog but "tolerates" the newer edition. Now, Lola, will chase Tiger, but it is out of play, not hunting. For that, we have squirrels, that are so hopeless out of range, she tires of barking up the tree.

Having dogs and cats works, but only if you have cats first and a puppy last. It must be a puppy. The downside psychologically for Lola is that, she thinks all cats are "friendlies" and can be played with, which is not the case.

It is a hard lesson to learn.


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