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The Church Mice

Updated on April 16, 2017

The Church bells were ringing, they were going at a steady pace non-stop. It was continuous and the mice were pulling the ropes for all their worth as they had to get the word out they were in danger they needed the troops to come and help them. Yes, indeed the Church mice had the troops marching in response to their appeal. It seems that they needed help as someone was coming to spray the place to get rid of the all. They needed the troops help to cover the holes inside the Church so the spray that was going to be used would not get into their living area and kill them all off. Oh no, it was a nightmare what would happen if the troops did not get here in time.

Yes, the fields looked like they were moving, the troops were rallying around and marching to the Church to help the mice that lived there.

The Church mice had to be one of the kindest mice around, always helping the poor and the sick so it was not surprising that the troops were coming to help these wonderful mice. The troops were coming with pick forks and trowels and shovels and anything else they could carry, you name it they had it and they were all marching to the Church mice aid as nobody wanted to see anything happening to these wonderful mice.

Whoa, one of the troops yelled I see a truck coming over the horizon which means we do not have as much time as we thought we had, so a group of mice decided to stay behind and let the rest of the troops get to the Church on time. The troops that were left behind spotted a broken tree lying, so all of them ran and helped to pull it onto the road so the truck could not get around it and would have to stop and physically remove it, let us hope they all said that it is only one person in the truck, as it will be harder for him to move this tree log by himself.

They looked behind and continued on their way watching at the same time to see what would happen when the truck reached the log. Yipee they yelled it is working, the driver has stopped and is trying to move the log by himself, it will take him some time they figured, which will give us enough time to get to the Church and help with the blocking of all the holes to save the mice from being killed off.

When they arrived at the Church they saw what a wonderful job the troops had been doing, then one of them piped up, we better make some holes on the North side of the building otherwise they might be suspicious if no holes are found, and with the holes at the Northside the spray will not get near the mice in their living area so they will be o.k. Yes indeed let us hurry so we can do this and we have to get out of here otherwise we will all be sprayed and killed off as well as they ran to the North side to make holes.

Just as the troops thought they had finished they found one of the Church mice lying on the floor, he had been shut out of his own living area and would not be able to get back in till the fungicide man had finished spraying and at least 24 hours passed for the smell to go away. Oh dear, it was just a baby and needed its mother as well. What were they going to do, as they did not have time to open up one of the holes that they had covered and let the baby into its Mother, who was likely going frantic. The troops looked at each other and one of them went over to the baby mouse and they quickly put one of the shovels down so that the baby mouse could climb into it and they pulled it out of the Church and went into the fields waiting for the fungicide man to come and spray and leave the Church. They would look after the baby mouse till then.

They found one of the troops who had just had some babies a while ago and decided she was the one to look after the Churchmouse to help it through the night so it would not be any more distressed than it was, the baby mouse seemed to be ok with the surrogate mother as well, which was nice.

Here he comes they shouted to each other, as they saw the truck pulling up, and the driver getting out.

He went into the Church and then in about 5 minutes he took a hose from the back of the truck and started up a motor then pulled the hose inside the Church and what a noise, and it was just as well they were in the fields watching this from afar as they saw a lot of what looked like a dust storm going on, which they figured was the vapour of the spray.

They were all praying for the Church mice that the holes were well blocked and none of that terrible spray would enter into their living area, the baby mouse was sobbing watching all of this as it seemed he knew what was happening to his family in the Church. They were soothing the baby mouse and letting him know it was going to be ok. They just could not go into the Church for 24 hours as the smell of the spray would still be in the air and they could not get a whiff of it, it could kill them still.

Now it was over 24 hours and the troops started back to the Church to investigate. Oh, what mess would they find they were wondering.

Oh, it is ok no smell, and quick let us open up one of the holes to see if everyone is ok Which they hurriedly did. Oh, baby, the Mother cried as she ran out to hug her as she had been crying all this time worried that she had been killed with the spray and not forgiven herself for making sure that she was not with her, oh she will never get over that fright she was saying. The troops told the Mother, you are living in a Church you should have had more faith, we certainly did. Oh I prayed a lot the Mother said and I am so happy that my prayers were answered and my baby is ok.

Thanks to you the troops my baby is safe and now we all have to watch you go back to your own homes and thank you all so much for coming to our rescue. The Church mice do so much for us whenever we need it and seem to know to help us without even asking for help. We are happy to have come to your aid will always be here for the Church mice.


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    • alisonmacrae profile image

      Alison MacRae 9 months ago from Hope Town, Quebec Canada

      Yes the Church mice all work together in great harmony, and only want to live in harmony. Thanks for liking this.

    • profile image

      Wendy Myshyniuk 5 9 months ago

      Love this, shows such team work