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The Comfort of Cats

Updated on January 22, 2010
Here are two of my friends perched on the furniture.
Here are two of my friends perched on the furniture.

I had just come back from seeing a Steven King movie. It was a cold, dark night in December and the wind was blowing hard. I went to my job as a night watchman at an abandoned, empty factory and every little noise that I heard, from the creaking of the windows to the sounds of the heater made me jump. I was nervous my whole 12-hour shift and was anxious to get home. When I finally got home, my 3 cats were waiting for me. I have had them for three years, and they are the best thing to have happened to me.

I sat down in my large, comfy, living room chair, and immediately, Tom, my black cat came and curled up next to me. He is my favorite cat and, as such, he has certain privileges the other cats don't have, like having a choice seat next to me most of the time. I rubbed his belly and he made a low, soft sound of approval and curled more tightly into a ball. Boots, my black and white "tuxedoed" cat hopped next into my lap, and began marching in place with his front feet on my belly. This is fairly typical for cats when they are happy, and is sometimes called "happy feet". I immediately felt calmer and more relaxed. Just the sight of them greeting me like this, when I come home is wonderful. All they want to do is please me and say hello. My third cat, a calico, came up to me with a discarded bottle cap she had gotten from the garbage pail. She likes to play "fetch". I sometimes think she thinks she's a dog. Anyway, I threw the bottle cap, and she squealed with delight and tore after it, bringing it to my feet and dropping it as if to say, "Let's do it, again!" Tom began licking my hand, which I'm told, is a sign of affection. After a while, I got up and got ready for bed. They eagerly followed and while I was brushing my teeth, two of them hopped onto the sink. They stared intently at the water streaming down from the faucet with great interest. When I went to get into bed, they all climbed right in and claimed their spots for the night: two of them at my feet, and one at the top of my head on my pillow. I felt so secure with my friends all gathered around me and fell gently off to sleep.

I'm told not all cats are like this. Some of them ignore their owners and only get friendly when about to be fed. I'm glad my cats aren't that way. If you should like an animal that is quiet, doesn't require a lot of care, and will give you lots of love in return, consider getting a cat. If you've chosen one well, they can be a blessing and comfort in this day of rushing around and people's impatience.


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