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The Cost of Pet Health

Updated on August 28, 2012

Pet Health Costs

New research has shown that pet health is affecting owners’ economic situations all around the U.K. The findings come from a survey conducted by the Co-Operative Insurance and show that a pet owner will spend £326 a year on maintaining the health and well-being of their pet, whilst taking an average of 1.75 days off work to look after their un-well animals.

60% of the pets in the U.K have required treatment at least once in their lifetime and 20% of the U.K’s pets visited the vets in the last year alone. Other findings from the study illustrate that some of the most common pet illnesses are those that affect us humans regularly including depression, anxiety, diabetes and obesity.

The study also suggests that winter has the highest amount of pet health related issues with 37% of pet owners visiting the vets during the season. With autumn now settling in properly and winter just around the corner, it is worrying to find that 60-64% of pet owners do not have pet insurance, with 29% of them admitting to avoiding the vets due to the high fees that they will have to pay.

This is astounding, all the more so as there is a high likelihood that an owner will have to make a trip to the vet in the next year. Having pet insurance will ensure that the owner is covered financially and that they won’t have to face paying inflated vets fees on their own.

According to a Datamonitor Survey, vet fees are set to rise dramatically with an increase of 15% each year. Looking after a pet involves a large monetary obligation and as a pet starts to get older, the costs may increase as the medical problems start to increase. This is why it is essential to have a good pet insurance policy to alleviate costs incurred.

At this time of economic insecurity, many pet owners will feel that they cannot afford to pay a monthly premium. However, it is important to note that a one-off vet’s fee can run into thousands of pounds and spreading the cost evenly determines that the bank balance does not take a hefty hit.

Any responsible pet owner should plan for the worst to happen; thus, by taking out pet insurance, the owner is guaranteeing that their pet will receive the proper care and expertise needed should the pet fall ill or need an operation.

To see our fantastic range of pet insurance policies head to our website Animal Friends Insurance. For every quote we make online we’ll donate 50p to an animal welfare charity with the the goal of donating a million pounds to animal welfare charities by the end of 2012. Keep up to date with all things Animal Friends related by visiting our Facebook Feel Good Park page; for every ‘like’ we receive we’ll donate £1 to an animal welfare charity


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