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The Cutest Dog Breeds In The World!

Updated on March 24, 2016

The planet Earth is filled with Cute dogs, here is a selection of the cutest dog breeds from around the world.


Did You Know?

The Pekingese is a Toy Dog originally from China. In China they are known as the Lion Dog.


Did You Know?

The Pug was originally from China, bred for the Chinese ruling family's..


Did You Know?

The name Pomeranian comes from the province of Pomerania in Germany!

Akita Inu

Did You Know?

'INU' Means Dog in Japan.

Chow Chow

Did You Know?

The Stone Guardians in front of the Temples and Palaces in Buddhist are modelled off the Chow Chow.

Bichon Frise

Did You Know?

The oldest ever Bichon died at 16.5 years old.

Shar Pei

Did You Know?

The Shar Pei has a very prickly coat, this was developed to help the dog scare off wild boar.

Bearded Collie

Did You Know?

The Bearded Collie will do a leap to spot there stock when working on a farm.

What do you think is the Cutest dog breed?


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