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The Dachshund breed.

Updated on June 4, 2015

My Dachshund Miley.

so i Have this beautiful Dachshund female she is shy and curious but came from a very abusive and destructive home therefor she Soils my house on a daily basis but she is lovable she has a nick name of "lovers duvers" lol i know its funny but she is so lovey but potty training is hard on these dogs she has a pet apartment and chooses to use my apartment as hers time and time again she uses my house and i was mad for a while but then had to think on the whole how was she trained by the other people she was with. I cant imagine how small she is that she would have so much ambition as a big dog but she does. She took on a raccoon a few weeks ago and then after doing research i found that they are bread to catch badgers. And wolverines WOW such A brave dog to risk their lives to catch such a fierce predator.

This is what my dog looks like.

This is my pic of my real dog.
This is my pic of my real dog. | Source

My Baby.

This is my baby she has such sad eyes.
This is my baby she has such sad eyes. | Source

Mom and DOG sleeping

This is my wife and Miliey these dogs always try to sleep with their masters they are so loyal She sleeps like this till i get home and then she wont leave me alone even in the shower lol she follows me when i lay down she sleeps on my chest.
This is my wife and Miliey these dogs always try to sleep with their masters they are so loyal She sleeps like this till i get home and then she wont leave me alone even in the shower lol she follows me when i lay down she sleeps on my chest. | Source

Potty Time

If you have one of these dogs or a mix breed with this breed in it then be PATIENT!!!!!!!!!!

They learn a lot diff from the other dogs.

1 Helpful tip Beggan strips or a treat. works every time.

On this breed DO NOT FEED TABLE SCRAPS!!!!!!!!!!

They will get A high fever and can get seizures and Can Die from it.

As you can tell from the link i have given it clearly states you have a harder time with these dogs than normal.

A good link for these dogs is Also keep in mind a dachshund never forgets people things pets they have a great mind.

You Decide CATS V Dogs

What You like Better Cats Or Dogs.

See results

Her journey

Her story Begins In Spokane WA

She was abused from day one as a puppy from the people who we got her from She was malnourished and way underweight After 500 well spent dollars and 15 days later she was good to go. The local police arrested the couple that had her before charged them with 15 counts of animal abuse and was charged 1 more year for the abuse of my angel. I have been hard on her a few times Not really realizing i was my wife put me into check on her theses dogs particularly have to earn your trust every day. And they will keep that trust as long as you keep them close to you.

My recommendations for this breed

Good Dog Foods.
Veggies just like us
No Neck Collar walks
Dog Harness

good and bad food for dogs

Dachshunds we love them. And some don't like them

These dogs are widely discussed as cute to The ugliest dog on earth lol i think i like the first and beautiful have had all dachshund breeds growing up love. I love these dogs. they are hated cause they will pee on the carpet sometimes and also will get into the trash.

Good Dog

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Mom and Miliey
Mom and Miliey
Mom and Miliey | Source

Miliey lounging


Love these dogs

One of the most loyal dogs there are after we found out she was abused she still wanted to be with the man. That abused her and i was so surprised now she has a big big brother a 192 pound black lab rot mix and he wont let her out of his site as well as her let him out of her sight. Its almost amazing. They play on a daily basis and he sleeps with her in his paws its so cute she got real depressed when we took her from my older bro who took her from the abusive home and when Tank properly named is around her the dachshund comes out not the shy dragging the butt on the ground and whimpering and him and her love to ride in the van.


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      3 years ago from Houston, Texas

      So nice that you have taken your "lovers dovers" into your home and heart after she had been abused. BTW, you might wish to change those Google photos to ones in the public domain and OK to use. Google images are typically not free to use. Hope she continues to adjust well and starts using the outside to do her duty.


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