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The Different Types of Dog Beds

Updated on February 6, 2018

Your dog is a hard working animal, and they deserve to have a comfortable place to sleep too. Dog beds provide your pup with not only a place to sleep in comfort, but also a place to have some alone time and feel secure. To truly give your dog the best place to chill out, watch them and see how they sleep. Different dogs will have different preferences on how they like to relax. Ever wonder why your dog shuns the expensive dog bed you got him, but loves a couch cushion on the floor? It's just personal puppy preference! Check out the different types of dog beds below and see which one might best suit your furry pal.

Cushion Dog Bed
Cushion Dog Bed

Cushion or Pillow Dog Beds

The most basic type of dog bed is a cushion or pillow type. This dog bed is basically a large, flat cushion for your dog to lie down on. These dog beds are usually best for large dogs, since they will be able to sprawl out on these cushions. Cushion beds are big dog beds, perfect for one big dog or several snuggly smaller dogs.

If you often find your dog lying in the middle of the floor with their legs stretched out as far as they can go, they will probably appreciate a comfortable cushion or pillow dog bed that is big enough for their entire body. They come in a variety of sizes and materials, and you can even get them with washable covers in case they dirty.

Donut Dog Bed
Donut Dog Bed

Donut Dog Beds

Donut dog beds are perfect for dogs who like to sleep all curled up. They are round and perfectly suited to dogs who like the feeling of being secure and enclosed. Smaller breeds of dogs will typically love these types of beds. These types of dog beds are usually very soft and made of plush materials, so they may not be as easy to clean as cushion dog beds. If your dog loves to curl up on a blanket or in a pile of dirty laundry, chances are a donut dog bed will be right for them.

Bolster Dog Bed
Bolster Dog Bed

Bolster or Nesting Dog Beds

Bolster and nesting dog beds are like cushion dog beds with raised sides. They could have all raised sides like a box, with an opening for your dog to enter, or they could just have one raised side for your dog to lean against. This is the ideal dog bed for dogs who like to rest their head on a pillow or the arm of a sofa. Both large dogs and small dogs like nesting beds.

Orthopedic Dog Bed
Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic Dog Beds

If you have an older dog who has joint pain or arthritis, an orthopedic dog bed may be the right choice. These dog beds are made out of a special type of thick foam that cushions your dog, relieving joint pressure and reducing stress. These beds are also a good option for very thin dogs who need extra padding because they are so bony. Orthopedic dog beds come in a variety of sizes, so you can get them for a large or small dog to make them more comfortable. They may also be called "memory foam dog beds" online or at the store, so keep that in mind if you are looking for an orthopedic bed.

Heated Dog Bed
Heated Dog Bed

Heated Dog Beds

During the colder months, heated dog beds can be a great choice. These dog beds typically have some kind of built in heated to provide your dog with warmth while they are resting. They can be an especially good choice for a dog who is elderly or ill. A heated dog bed will usually have an internal heating element, and it will need to be plugged into an outlet.

Crate Dog Bed
Crate Dog Bed

Crate Dog Beds

Crate dog beds are made to specifically fit into your dog's crate. They are typically fairly thin, and they may have a bolster around the edges for comfort. A crate bed is a great idea for any dog who spends time in their crate or kennel. Many crate beds will have washable covers in case of an accident. These beds are a great way to keep your dog comfortable and warm if you are away.

There are many different types of dog beds, and your dog will certainly appreciate it if you get them one they will truly enjoy. You will not only give them a comfortable place to rest, but you will show them that they are a member of the family too.

Which Bed Does Your Pup Prefer?

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    • melfina profile image

      melfina 6 years ago from WI, USA

      Thanks so much for your comment Cardia! My doxie loves the bolster dog beds, so we have a few of those - I think they are super cute too! She lies on the inside and our malamute lies on the outside and rests his head on the bolster edge ;)

    • Cardia profile image

      Cardia 6 years ago from Barbados.

      Great Hub!

      I personally have always liked the looks of the bolster and donut dog beds. I think they are quite cute!