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The Disingenuous Apology

Updated on March 21, 2017

Chapter 3

The Disingenuous Apology

When Claver, Bombastic, and Malady heard the news about Johnnie’s defeat, they contemplated coming back to apologize to Freddie and to ask him for permission to reunite with their friends.

“I think you heard what happened to Johnnie,” said Claver.

“He is gone,” said Malady.

“I am proud of our brave brothers and sisters. They staged a spirited fight and chased the savage out of his luxurious castle.”

“You guys are amazing! Not long ago you were against the war. Now you are calling your adversaries ‘heroes’, how ironic!” chastised Bombastic.

“‘There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in politics. We need to go back and make peace with Freddie,” said Claver.

“I can’t do that! He is beneath me and so is everybody else.”

“Be careful with what you say. One day you might be forced to eat your own words. Think about it, if Freddie died today, who would succeed him? You are in an advantageous position to become the next king of the jungle.”

“You say you are clever, but I don’t understand why you have a tendency toward small-mindedness. What freedom are you talking about? How can we be free when we live as slaves in the foreign bushes? I am not going to be rushed into making a decision that I might regret for the rest of my life.”

“Stop your arrogance. We shall return to Radar at once.”

“I’m not going anywhere. Anybody who witnessed our humiliating and embarrassing expulsion from our country can agree with me that Freddie does not deserve any kind words from me.”

“Let’s put the past behind us and focus on the future. I know that our future is brighter than you care to imagine.”

After giving it much thought, Bombastic accepted his friends’ proposal.

“I think you guys are right! I am the best Freddie got. I am still his last hope.”

Then they went to sleep. The next day, they woke up very early in the morning and set off on their journey back to Radar. They arrived late in the evening when their colleagues were at a social gathering and proceeded to apologize to Freddie.

“I came to reconcile with you. I regret my not participating in our liberation war. I am willing to show my loyalty to you and to my comrades should we engage in another war in the future,” said Claver.

“We are members of this brotherhood and sisterhood. Let us work together to make our nation a better place for everyone. I regret my past mistakes.”

Then Freddie turned his rocking chair around and looked at Bombastic who was still standing with his hands akimbo.

“What about you?”

“After giving it much thought, I have come to realize that you need me more than I need anyone of your subjects. However, I would like to congratulate you all on your victory over Johnnie. In the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, I would like to request that at this juncture, we all humble ourselves and acknowledge a moment of silence in remembrance of our brothers and sisters who died in the struggle.” Everyone, including Freddie, humbled themselves and acknowledged a moment of silence. “May the almighty God rest their souls in eternal peace. Last, but not least, I would like to say that wherever Johnnie and his friends are now, they must be mystified by the thorough beating they received from you. I would like to assure you that as long as I am here with you, I will never allow Johnnie to set foot on our soil again.”

“Was that an apology, a eulogy…what was it?” asked Freddie.

“Everything was inclusive.”

“That was the most disingenuous apology I have ever heard in my entire life!”

“That is how real fighters talk. Johnnie was lucky I was not around during the liberation war. I could have captured him alive with my bare hands. That is how tough I am,” said Bombastic with his jaw and fists clenched.

After the three had given their apologies, Freddie asked for the opinions of his colleagues. “Are you willing to allow these three renegades to be part of us again?”

“The two are okay; Bombastic, no way, no how!” said Raton.

“Bombastic thinks that he is more important than everybody else, so let us lock him up until he is able to show his remorse and apologize the right way,” said Retune.

“Please don’t send me to jail. I am so sorry for my pompous and bombastic rhetoric. I promise to think twice before I speak next time.”

“Now that sounds somewhat like a prayer!”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome!”

After the three had apologized, their colleagues agreed to forgive them. It was getting late, so everybody went to sleep.


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