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The Dollar Store Kitten

Updated on October 4, 2014
Friend Mary and Jasmine's Litter
Friend Mary and Jasmine's Litter

Three Babies

I was just lucky my friend who had experience with cats and orphaned kittens was visiting me. These two girls came up to us at the Dollar Store and said "please can you take these kittens...we found them but our mother won;'t let us keep them." My friend said "they are only 2-3 weeks old." I thought they were going to die just from being handled too much at that age. Doing the right thing (my friend's promise to help me or take care of them gave me a push), I said yes. That is when the girls told me that their littlest sister was walking around town with the runt.

So we all piled in my car and went looking. We found the Mother first who snapped at me "I am sick of this kitten drama." I calmed her down and got her to take my phone number to call if the youngest daughter came home with the kittten. She called after about an hour and we picked up the runt.

We bought formula and mixed it with canned food and they did pretty good being that small. I thought we were going to have to bottle feed. The day after my friend left, the runt crashed. Rushed him to the vet but they couldn't save him. This was my first lesson in how many orphaned babies die.

The last two (all grey) thrived. I named them Jasmine and Jasper. My husband Gene took these additions to our family in stride (later I found out he liked cats alot and hadn't told me!). Jasper was Gene's helper cat....any time Gene worked with tools in the house, Jasper was right there.

Jasmine with our third adopted cat Zeke
Jasmine with our third adopted cat Zeke
Jasmine beautiful
Jasmine beautiful

The Cat Who Loved Water

We of course just generalized. Jasmine was a cat so we figured she avoided water. She surprised us. We had a rule we enforced....there was one counter in the house the cats were allowed to be on....the bathroom counter where we fed them and had a bed. It sort of made sense to me that Jasmine hung out there when we showered. I think it was my husband who first had the experience...he stepped out of the shower onto the bathmat to dry himself off .....and Jasmine decided to help.....she rubbed and rubbed his ankles until she was good and wet and then she sat on the counter and cleaned and cleaned herself. When she also did this to me repeatedly we figured out she actually liked the water. From then on, Gene would make it a habit that if she come up to him when he was at the bathroom sink, he would turn the faucet on, get his hands wet, and rub all that wetness into Jasmine. She loved it.

One time Jasmine and Lydia ,her later adopted sister, had a reaction to a topical flea med. They were instantly in distress and were panting and having difficulty breathing. The vet said shampoo her/bathe her and keep it up to get as much off her skin as possible. And that is what we did. Who would have guessed that cats would tolerate four to five baths. On the other hand they seemed to understand that we were trying to help them. We essentially saved their lives....if we had not seen that almost immediate adverse reaction; if we had not been home; the cats could have gone into seizures and died.

She went on to love water all her life and to expect Gene to wet her down and heavy pet her from time to time.

Loving a Box like all Cats

More to Come

But Gene and I loved her deeply. Our household has lost its queen. There is no cat here as majestic, bossy, testy, lot of personality. She died of mammary cancer even though she was spayed very young (good preventative). She was comfortable until the very last day when the tumor burst. It was fortunate that I work at home and could spend as much time with her on my lap as I did her last months. This week before she was on my lap alot. I viewed it as hospice care and was blessed to be able to do it. It surely is a blessing when an animal or human dies slowly and comfortably in the arms of their family.

Hospice Care is a Lap

Getting her comfort from mom.
Getting her comfort from mom.


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    • Hilda Spann profile image

      Hilda Spann 3 years ago

      I will add a little more later...she was unique in that she liked water...if she was in the bathroom and we showered she would come wipe off our wet ankles with her fur. Only 2 of my eight cats did we get "on purpose". I love them very very much

    • Ann1Az2 LM profile image

      Ann1Az2 LM 3 years ago

      Your kitty was blessed to have someone who loved her so much. I've lost cats myself and I always balled like a baby. I have four now that I know can't live forever. It is so hard when you lose one. Two of mine were orphaned and wandered up from under my house one day. One was headed to the pound and got side-tracked. The other one was his brother who belonged to my father-in-law and when my father-in-law left to go on a job out of town for a few weeks, the cat somehow never got returned to him. Your photos are wonderful. She was a beautiful cat.

    • mybffpet profile image

      Beth 3 years ago

      I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is. I'm glad she was loved and well cared for in your family.