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The Entertainment of a Dog

Updated on August 6, 2017
 My dog Peach
My dog Peach

The Entertainment of a Dog

Animals give off limitless entertainment when they are happy and loved or when they want attention from their owners. The question is, What are animals meant to do? They are meant to entertain themselves, right? Or so people think. That is not always the case, though. Depending on the type of animal it is, sometimes you have to entertain it. For example a cat, a bird, and sometimes a dog. Most of the time, however, you only have to entertain these animals until they get used to you, and can entertain themselves. For example, I just got a new dog. Now I wasn’t ready for this dog but what can you do, the dog that I have now is, a greyhound Lercher, she is a new to me dog, and is about a year and a half, her name is peach. Since she is a new to me dog, I don’t really know what she likes to do, so I try to pet her as often as I can. When I pet her once though all she wants is someone to touch her all the time, which when you are working on your computer all day long it is hard to touch an animal.

This week, however, I was babysitting my tenant’s dog, he is a toy poodle. This toy poodle wants to be constantly touched and played with but at the same time, he doesn’t. That is what is strange about him. My dog, however, when she is in the house, always wants to be touched. Both these dogs always want constant attention, but how do you give a dog limitless attention and work from home? It is hard. Trying to be a blogger and a freelance writer is difficult when you have, animals around. Not that they are in the way, they just like people around.

I love animals don’t get me wrong, but when they constantly want to be touched or played with and you have other things to do, what do you do? When my dog is outside, which that is where she loves to be. It is very entertaining to watch, she chases all the birds or things that fly around like she is going to catch them. One minute she can be sitting near wherever you are outside and the next she can be running through the field after something you didn’t even see. I get so much entertainment out of just watching her run around outside its hilarious. She can be outside for hours on end and never want to come inside which is a good thing but, not just a good thing when there are other animals at night.

Most dogs know how to entertain themselves, most of the time, some of them just lay around all day and don’t do anything, but not my dog. When you actually let her in the house, and she is sitting around for a while she will notice that she has a tail. Dogs are great companions to have around, some of them even play fetch, that is fun to do if your dog actually does that. My dog we are trying to get to do that, it will happen eventually it just takes time. Dogs can be very entertaining because they can find one thing that peaks their interest and they will play it for hours. That one thing that keeps your dog occupied for so long, makes you wonder, how can it keep you occupied for so long that would never keep me occupied. Dogs are a lot different than people, even though we think we are much of the same.

My dog just relaxing while im outside
My dog just relaxing while im outside

Dogs are Fun

If dogs are left outside or left to do what they want, instead of being played with and occupied by humans all day long, I think that they can keep themselves entertained. When a human watches, how a dog entertains themselves, it is quite entertaining for them as well. Most of the time the dogs will run after a stick and bring it back to you, or they will just chew it, or chase birds. For example, my dog will chase birds it’s fun to watch her because she will pounce at the bird, wait a minute or two and then run after it trying to catch it. You have to see it, to believe it and if I could catch it on camera I would but she is just too fast.

That is the best thing about having a dog is watching her chase after the birds. I get a kick out of seeing her go back and fourth or looking and noticing that she wasn’t in the same spot she was just moments ago. Dogs are limitlessly entertaining when something peaks their interest because they want people to watch them, they always want attention which is why they try to entertain us at every chance they get. Sometimes they don't want to entertain us but when they do it is always fun to see. If you have a dog do you agree with this statement yes or no?

Dog know how to limitlessly entertain themselves because they are left alone for the most part when their owners aren't around. Most dogs don't even know when you as the owner are actually home so when they are outside or running back and forth chasing something they are just trying to amuse themselves which in turn limitlessly amuses you as well. Most dogs don't realize that their owners are watching them when they are trying to amuse themselves, which is why they are so entertaining to us humans.

Dogs can be entertaining when they sleep, with the way that they dream. Sometimes they can be chasing something in a dream and their legs could be moving and they could be whimpering which can be entertaining to you. Anything that your dog does can entertain you if you are looking to be entertained by your furry friend. Dogs can be limitlessly entertaining just laying around the house because of the cute little things that do when they try to get comfy. For example, my dog is entertaining when she tries to get comfy because she is a contortionist the way she moves her body around to get into a new position that is comfortable for her.

Dogs do the cutest quirkiest things, to entertain themselves in limitless ways. Which in turn we find entertaining because when we watch our dogs we notice these things and most of the time we chalk them up to being cute which is another word for entertaining don't you think? If you have a dog have you noticed the things that they do that are weird, do those things entertain you? Have you ever thought about that before?

Entertaining dog at Christmas Time
Entertaining dog at Christmas Time

Dogs really do entertain us

Dogs are amazing creatures. they have senses that we don't have and know when things are going to happen before they even do. They are very entertaining in a sense that way too, especially when you aren't feeling up to par or your sad, a dog knows so what do they try and do? they try and cheer you up by entertaining you. sometimes they do this by running around chasing their tail or eating ice cream like its going out of style. Or at least my dog eats ice cream like it is going out of style if you let her. she gets really excited when you just mention the word ice cream and even more when you let her eat it. It is so entertaining watching her eat ice cream because that is not something a normal dog would do.

Do you like dogs do you find them entertaining? Let's Discuss

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