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The Feuding of the Scottish Cat Clans in kilts

Updated on April 16, 2017

The music was blaring, well some might not call it music. The bagpipes were certainly getting them going. The swirling of the kilts and the exciting yells of the cats as they twirled their partners in the dancing.

Indeed this was a special day for all, it was a day of celebration as the Clan chief's youngest had just been married to a feuding rival clan chief. So it was indeed a day of celebrations for some as it would make their clan be united that was what they were all hoping for.

The paw clans unite and every one of them purring in happiness hoping the marriage of these two lovely cats would stop the feuding forever.

In much happiness, the groom sat with his bride and his mind went back to the beginning of how they had met, and the events that led up to this his happiest day in his life as a cat.

Yes he reflected he met her when she was out of her territory and had ventured into his territory, he came upon her and was surprised that she had not hissed or tried to attack him, she was so docile and then he realised she had hurt her paw. He went over and started licking it and she started purring after a while when it was making her paw feel better, yes she knew he was helping her and she was very content in letting him lick the paw and get rid of the thorn that was stuck in it. From that day she would go home to her territory at night and in the morning would seek him out and they started going around together.

He had gone to her father to ask for her hand. That did not go over very well, he was not happy and was growling and snarling at him, and told her he would not give his blessing to the marriage and if she wanted to go with me she would no longer be welcome home. This upset his bride but she did not relent to what he said and told her father, so be it, you are the one that will lose out on life by wanting to keep the feud going when this is a chance to unite us all.

When the Minister was in the service with Anyone who has an objection to this marriage speak up or forever hold your whist. The whole congregation all turned round and looked at the door, expecting it to burst open and see the clan chief who was the father of the bride burst into protest.

Whew, the air seemed to say when that did not happen even the Minister looked relieved he then said to the Groom you may kiss the bride.

Oh, that was the happiest of times when I bent down and we licked each other and rubbed our noses together.

A big cheer went up as we turned and bowed and curtsied to the congregation then followed the Minister to do our paw work to make it legal.

When they emerged from the office inside the church, they had had each other paws entwined and started down the aisle in such happiness. Now let the merriment begin I remember shouting to one and all.

At the reception it was such a delight, the bagpipers were piping and we both were dancing and purring in happiness. Also, I was so happy the father of my bride had not disrupted the marriage.

My bride was the most beautiful wildcat bride she was the youngest daughter of the rival Clan chief. Her Mum had attended the wedding and never mentioned anything about her husband once. My bride was in sorrow and happiness at the same time, happy her Mum came and told her that she understood what it was to find happiness and love. That made her happy and sad that her father could not make the effort to see her happy which was why she had some sorrow today as well.

She was beautiful in her tartan sash around her neck and her tartan frills on her dress, yes what a beauty she was he thought to himself, not only that she had the kindest loving ways about her, she was so gentle for a wildcat, yes he was so lucky, what was even more loving about her she had decided it was his clan tartan that his kilt was from that she would have the same tartan on her sash and her frills on the dress to show they were united as one. If anything this was her way of showing her clan that the feud was over and she was proud to unite both clans.

Now they were both on the dance floor enjoying the dancing, and the twirling of the kilts when the doors burst open and there her father stood. Oh dear the room has become very quiet and the bagpipers have stopped playing and the dancers have all stopped and staring at the door frame where he stood.

The clan chief started to come towards us and quick as a flash her father pulled out his sword and the room gasped as he brought it down on my shoulders, and shouted the love of my daughter has brought me to my senses so I anoint my daughter's husband as a member of my clan as well so that we can be happy and stop the feuding.

“I cannot be happy without my daughter in my life,” he shouted, “It was breaking my heart.”

My bride quickly hugged her Dad and sobbed as well with happiness, then her Mum came running over saying to her husband. “At last, you got your senses back.”


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    • alisonmacrae profile imageAUTHOR

      Alison MacRae 

      18 months ago from Hope Town, Quebec Canada

      Thank you for enjoying my children story.

    • profile image

      Wendy Myshyniuk 

      18 months ago



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