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The French circus

Updated on October 1, 2011

French circus magic

The French circus

Each year driving through villages around the area, your come across one village where every lamp post has been plastered with advertising boards proclaiming that the circus is in town.

Unlike in the UK most French circuses still use animals within there act, very controversial and not for everyone, however what I will say is that the animals do look in good condition and is there any difference to being kept in a Zoo? At least the animals are stimulated more within a circus, but then that can also cause debate if animals should be trained for our entertainment,

The circus tends to be very much a family affair with several generations of a family working within, the typical circus will stay in a town for a week and give 2 days of performances during there stay.

Its not a cheap experience with ring side seats costing 20 euros and to sit a few meters back 14 euros, there are also no concessions for children which is very frustrating.

Within my small section of Brittany 3 or 4 different circuses will be setting up around different towns in the area during the season, so you can imagine how many must be around touring France.

Circus or Zoo

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