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The Greatest Hero Ever

Updated on November 9, 2011

I realize the title is, "The Greatest Hero Ever", but I was premature in giving that title. I'm also too lazy to change it. The greatest hero ever is our soldiers that protect us 24 hours seven days a week. So, I guess this is about the "Second Greatest Hero Ever".

Take a few minutes to think about it. ..................................Done? Well it's not a person. It's the turkey. Like the soldiers the turkey makes sacrifices for the benefit of this country. Of course if you live outside of the US, this means nothing to you. However, I digress.

Are you aware that Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the National bird? History shows the Eagle won that election. Probably a good choice since the eagle appears to be much more menacing. Can't imagine a foreign country fearing the turkey.

What makes the turkey a hero? Lets look at the resume.

According to the National Turkey Federation, approximately 736 million pounds of turkey were consumed on Thanksgiving in 2009.

It's also estimated that nearly 88 percent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

The average American consumes more than 16 pounds of turkey each year

In 2009, the average weight of turkeys purchased for Thanksgiving was 16 pounds.

You want more evidence of our love of turkey, Google it and look around. You'll be amazed.

Thanksgiving Tribute to our Fallen Soldiers

What Makes Tom Turkey A Hero?

Think of all the turkey has done for America. The first Thanksgiving helped make peace between the Indians and the settlers. Yes I know turkey wasn't the fowl of choice, but it is up for debate, since there are no survivors from that party left.

Millions of people have served turkey for Thanksgiving for years. It is as much of a staple as cranberry sauce ( might be another unsung hero in cranberry sauce). We have enjoyed the aroma of a cooking turkey every Thanksgiving. We have stared at it with anticipation at the dinner table. Kids have fought over the wishbone. Many a man has feared carving such a magnificent bird.

Sure all of the above is true, but does that make the turkey a hero? Maybe not, but it is these annual Turkey dinners that bring families together. Families that are torn apart by the rigors of every day life, seem to find the time to gather for a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving. Everyone seems to pause and enjoy life for a few hours.That turkey dinner even causes us to reflect on other heroes such as our military who sacrifice so much that we can enjoy our lifestyle.

The power of that turkey is what causes us to remember how fragile our life and freedoms are. Old "Tom the Turkey " makes everyone pause and think about what we are thankful for.

So this Thanksgiving, take a little time and be thankful for all the turkey has done for us as a nation. For the turkey is a great American hero. Gobble Gobble my fine feathered friend.

Happy Thanksgiving


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