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The Greatest Mistake I Have Ever Made (to My Cat)

Updated on March 30, 2018

Is Declawing your cat really that bad?

The year was 1997 and I as five years old. The sun was shining out, and I was waiting for the bus for school. I looked out my window, and, for some reason, I decided to put my head by my cat's foot and tug at it. Now I know that was a bad decision, but at the moment, I thought it would be funny. Low and behold, my cat scratched my eye, and I ended up missing the first part of school that day.

A week later, my mom took the cat to the vet to get her declawed. In that moment, we all thought it was a good idea, because who wants ripped out furniture and scratched eyes. It seemed like it would just be like a nail trimming, so not really a big deal.

However, a great number of cats will express pain after the procedure. Because of this, they tend to walk differently than normal, and end up getting arthritis problems later in age. I know this is true because when my cat was around 10 years old, she began to get arthritis, which became detrimental when she was 13. She could no longer jump or climb by age 15. I also found that some cats have mental issues after being declawed. Claws are an important part of a cat's life, and losing the claws can cause a cat to become angry or depressed.

So what can you do if your cat is tearing up the house? First of all, you must invest in a good scratching post, and cat nip. Rub the cat nip over the post, and many cats will become attracted to scratching the post instead of other things (such as the couch). If this does not work, you can also put pieces of tape (sticky side out) on the furniture. When the cat feels the stickiness of the tape, it will feel weird, and they will not want to scratch that spot again. Also, talk to any children to be gentle with the cats.

Overall, declawing is a cruel procedure that cats should not be put through. There are many other ways to positively influence your cat without declawing them.


Effects of Declawing
Instead of Declawing
Pain in the paws
Use a scratching post
Use positive reinforcement
Talk to children about behavior


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