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The Hairless Sphynx Cat - General Care Guide

Updated on October 14, 2013

The hairless Sphynx cat might be a cat that some individuals think are ugly but others might view them as beautiful. I for one, am a person who thinks these cats are one of the most beautiful breeds. Everyone views beauty differently, especially when it comes to animals. I remember the first time I ever petted a Sphynx cat. It was under the covers, trying to get warm. I had been making the bed at a clients house (when I ran my own house cleaning business) and at the time, I was startled because I noticed something moving under the sheets. Very carefully, I began to peel back a corner of the sheet, surprised to see a “naked” cat. I’d never seen this before, except on TV. Being a cat lover, I gently brushed my hand over the cats back. To my surprise, the cat was smoother than a cat who had hair. It was like I was petting “wrinkly silk” - I was amazed!

How much are Sphynx cats?

If you want to get a Sphynx cat, you may be wondering how much they are. This breed is difficult to find. They can cost anywhere from $800 to even $1,500, depending on what the breeder has set the price at. Also, you will find many different colors of Sphynx cats. Some are gray, brown, white, or even multicolored with spots.

There are some cat shelters where you can adopt a cat. You might not have to pay anything if you find a cat who is just about to be put down. Sadly, there are too many cats out there that are being put down by the human society. Not everyone is able to go to good homes because there are too many.

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Sphynx Cat Care

Here are some tips regarding Sphynx cats and how to take care of them below:

  • While some cat owners might be against baths, a Sphynx cat usually loves the water because they are hairless and don’t mind getting soaked. The trick is to start them out early as kittens. Let them roam around in the bathtub. The bath water should not go above their shoulders and you should always be present. The water should be on medium heat. Even though cats clean themselves, they still need a bath with special cat shampoo.

  • Give your Sphynx cat plenty of love and attention when possible. Your cat will want to play sometimes so don’t ignore them. There are also some cats that do not like to be petted too much so let them come to you first.

  • Remember that your cat’s claws must be trimmed every few months. They also need to be cleaned by a vet as well. You’ll have to restrain your cat while they get their claws clipped. This will help so they don’t damage your furniture and that way family members don’t get scratched.

  • Most cat owners don’t realize that Sphynx don’t have too many eyelashes, compared with other cats. You can easily clean around their eye area with a Q-tip after you’ve put in some tear solution drops. You should be doing this twice a week because dirt can easily get in since their lack of eyelashes won’t be able to shield them.

Raising hairless kittens

Don’t you just love raising hairless kittens? Maybe the Sphynx mother recently gave birth to a litter of cute kittens that you now need to care for. Here are a couple of ways to raise kittens.

  • Go to any pet store and inquire about cat milk. While you are there, also pick up a feeding bottle. Usually, the mother cat will neglect the smallest of the litter and you will need to take care of this kitten yourself.

  • It is a good idea to keep the kittens in a dark area during the first two weeks. They can easily be blinded by the sun or any bright light. Put them in a dark room or keep them in the closet - just be sure the door is open a tad.

  • For those of you who live in a cold environment or don’t have the luxury of heaters, you should buy little coats for the kittens. Since they do not have fur, they need to keep warm.

  • Know that Sphynx are indoor cats. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your cat outside because they can get a sunburn. A sunburn for a Sphynx is very painful and you don’t want to subject your cat to this.


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    • nArchuleta profile image

      Nadia Archuleta 4 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Whenever I see sphinx cats I think of that "Friends" episode when Gunther buys Rachel's sphinx and asks, "What is this -- some sort of snake?" ;) I think those naked sphinx kittens are about the cutest -- I'd love to see one with a little sweater on! (Where do you even get such a small sweater?)

      My cat, Lindemann, is the opposite -- total furball. He could donate excess fur the sphinx cats. Thanks for the informative article!