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The Hassles and Fun in Taking Care of a Family of Four Shih-Tzu Dog Breeds

Updated on December 19, 2013

Have you ever heard of the Shih-Tzu dog breed? It is quite a cute dog breed and one of the best things about it is that it has long hairs despite a small body. When you take proper care of the hairs, they can grow pretty long, making this dog breed look particularly beautiful. The Shih-Tzu dog breed initially came from the land of China. The year 1969 marked the first time this particular dog breed got recognized by the American Kennel Club. Speaking of the Shih-Tzu dog breed, I happen to keep four of them as pets at this moment.

The one looking up: Bella
The one looking up: Bella | Source

From 1 to a Couple of Pet Dogs

To tell you the truth, I am not really into keeping pets. To me, doing so is a hindrance. You see, when you keep animals as pets, you will have to feed them regularly and, the worst part is, you will also have to clean your home that gets dirty when they pee and poop. However, about two years ago or so, my younger sister kept on asking my parents to buy her one of these so-called Shih-Tzu dog breeds. In spite of rejecting her request for several days, my parents finally agreed to buy her the dog. At first, my parents actually planned to buy her just one dog but after they visited quite a few local pet shops here in my area, they decided to buy a couple of the Shih-Tzu dog breeds, a male and a female. Both of these dogs were at about the same age. We decided to name the male one ‘Billy’ and the female one ‘Bella’.

Bella and its newlyborn puppies
Bella and its newlyborn puppies | Source

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Sad: The Death of the Newlyborn Puppy

After keeping Billy and Bella for about a year and a half or so, Bella gave birth to Billy’s puppies. Bella actually gave birth to three puppies, all of which were male. Unfortunately, though, their second puppy died during birth. It was really sad to know. Bella, as the mother, also looked particularly sad. To tell you the truth, Bella even tried to awaken its second puppy using its face. It kept on pushing the dead puppy over and over again in the hope that the puppy would awake, I could tell. Our family also felt the sadness. Furthermore, we knew how hard it was for Bella to give birth to every single one of its puppies. Bella kept on screaming hard in the process.

Facts on Shih-Tzu Dog Breed

- Originated from China

- Recognized by American Kennel Club in 1969

- Can't grow too big

- Hairs can grow very long, however

The Unexpected yet Not Unwanted Third Puppy

Because the second puppy died, only the first and the third puppy were left for us to keep as pets. We didn’t exactly expect that there would be a third puppy, to be honest. It was already a long time after the birth of the second puppy so we didn’t expect that Bella was about to give birth to another puppy. Fortunately, the third puppy survived despite a lot of people telling us there was only a slight chance that the third puppy would do so. People say that the pause between the births of each of the puppies can’t be too long because there is a risk of death in this case.

Dog Breed
Caring for the hairs
They will welcome you home
Cleaning their pee and poop
Amusing to watch them play with one another
Hard to bear their barking at night
Fun to play with them
These are some hassles and fun you can expect for keeping Shih-Tzu pet dogs.

The Mother Playing with the Younger Puppy

The Family of Four Shih-Tzu Dog Breeds

So, today, there is a family of four Shih-Tzu dog breeds at my house. Of course, there are lots of hassles but there is also a lot of fun in taking care of all of these dogs I have at home. The hassles start with how difficult it is to take care of their hairs especially. Whenever we bath them, it takes a long time to dry their hairs. Bear in mind that it is really important to dry the hairs of your dogs, if you have any, to prevent them from being inhabited by bugs. What really bothers me, too, is that their hairs will fly everywhere in the house and stick to our clothes. It isn’t nice at all, you see, to go out in clothes having a lot of dog hairs on them.

The big brown one: The father, Billy
The big brown one: The father, Billy | Source
Billy in close-up view :)
Billy in close-up view :) | Source
Chiko and Choky, staying away from each other likely after quarrel lol :D
Chiko and Choky, staying away from each other likely after quarrel lol :D | Source

The Rest I Can Say About My Shih-Tzu Dogs

In addition to that, as I told you before, it is really a hassle when the dogs pee and poop. Having four dogs is particularly troublesome in that respect. We have to clean their pee and poop a lot of times within a single day that passes. Furthermore, it is so frustrating that the dogs can’t really understand when we tell them to pee and poop in the restroom. Well, Bella is an exception here. It seemed to be the most understanding dog of all the pet dogs we have. Only thing is, we will have to make sure that we tell her to use the restroom to pee and poop whenever we want to go out or whenever we have just fed the dogs their food. Billy is an entirely different story. Perhaps it is just in the nature of male dogs to pee everywhere, trying to mark its territory as some people say. The worst part is that Billy tends to walk away while it hasn’t even finished peeing. As a result, there is often a long mark of its pee on the floor of our house. This really gets on our nerves. But the cute thing about Billy is that it can understand quite well when we instruct it to do certain things, like jump up there, jump down here, and so on. Now that I said it, it comes across my mind how fond Billy is of jumping onto one of the chairs we have in the kitchen. It kind of likes standing there, showing off what a tough guy it is! His pose often reminds me of a scene in the movie ‘Lion King’ in which the main lion character is seen standing on top of a rocky mountain! Thankfully, it is not hard to instruct it to get off the chair, as I told you earlier.

Let’s now switch to the puppies. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that we named the firstly born puppy ‘Chiko’ and the secondly born puppy ‘Choky’. When they were just newborn puppies, it seemed to our family that the younger puppy was more obedient. However, as they grew up, things change. Perhaps just like what happens to a human child, the younger puppy became naughtier because it got spoilt too much. Whenever Chiko and Choky quarrel with each other, the mother Bella always gets mad at the elder brother, Chiko, after separating the two brothers from their quarrel. Honestly speaking, it is often, if not always, the younger puppy, Choky, that starts the quarrel. How unfair is that?!

Well, that reminds me of my childhood when I happened to quarrel with my younger brother. It also reminds me of my nieces whenever I see them quarreling. My younger niece often tries to get hold of whatever her elder sister is holding and then the two will start quarreling. Unfortunately for the elder sister, it is she that will usually get scolded for quarreling with her younger sister. How typical it is, you see!

One important thing of having pets is not to forget to feed them. Speaking of feeding them, we usually have to keep an eye on the puppies. Among the four of my dogs, Bella is the one which finishes her food slowly, seemingly enjoying it a lot. Billy and the puppies always finish their food before Bella does, with Billy being the fastest eater. No matter how large a portion of meal we give Billy, it will always take only seconds for it to finish its meal. When the puppies have finished their food, they will always try to eat what remains of their mother’s food. Therefore, we shall usually have to pull their tails to keep them away from their mother.

Another thing that may become a problem for having a family of four Shih-Tzu dog breeds is that you may find it hard to sleep through the night at times. This has happened a lot of times for me because the dogs really like to bark at night, it seems. Well, it’s actually fine if they bark because there is potentially somebody trying to become a thief or a burglar in the middle of the night. However, it seems that it is not the only thing that can trigger the dogs to bark.

Whenever it is raining and a thunder is heard, the mother dog Bella will always bark out loud. No matter how many times I tell her to shut up because it is just thunder, it simply won’t listen but will keep on barking instead. Billy, in comparison, does not react to thunder but TV sounds are a problem for it. This is especially true when it happens to hear voices of dogs or other animals that come from the movies we are watching. Billy will not hesitate to bark on the TV then. It’s quite an amusing sight, honestly speaking, but it’s also a hindrance. You can’t watch the TV peacefully because of it, you know.

But besides the hassles, it’s also fun to have these dogs as pets, as I told you before. They will often welcome you whenever you come home from work though all they can do to welcome you is to bark on and lick you with their tongue. You can also play with them, such as trying to throw things and tell them to pick up the things you throw away. Sometimes, though, my dogs tend to pick up the things as I told them to but instead of returning the things to me, they will simply find a place to sit and then play with the things themselves. Bella is a good example in this case.


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