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The Hawthorne Police Department are cowards!

Updated on July 5, 2013

This is outrageous! You can clearly see the man is not doing anything wrong except for videotaping a situation with the police and armed gunmen. I have been arrested before for videotaping an illegal pullover by the West Virginia State police. This video clearly shows how police officers overstep their badge.

For all you people out there that's say "oh well have you ever been bit by dog," or "they're just doing their job" that's crap. They could handle the situation so much better than they did. You clearly see in the video the guy voluntarily puts his hands behind his back before they even come over to handcuff him.

Instead of reaching for a Rottweilers collar which any person with common sense knows NOT TO DO! They could have uncuff the man and told him to get control of his animal. They could have tasered the rotty. Now I know tasers can be lethal to dogs but were talking about a 74 pound Rottweiler here I think he can handle it!

Now on top of that they shot him four times and let the dog whether in pain and don't put it out of its misery. I think that the Hawthorne Police Department should be held responsible for what they did and I do believe the officer should lose their job that were involved in this. Because I know if that was my Rottweiler thunder there, when I got out of jail I will be going to my local gun store and I would be going on a rampage!

If you are fellow dog lover you know how deep you connect with your dog, they're like your children your their protector you feed them, you walk them, you make sure they go to the doctors when they're sick. Okay I guess the whole rampaging thing was a little bit overboard but that's just that was my initial reaction when I saw that video I don't usually cry when I see videos but when I saw that Rottweiler weathering in pain I cringed and I cried it was horrible. There is a petition online right now so if you guys could please head over to the website and sign that something can be done about this injustice.
How do you all feel about this what were you all's thoughts on the subject matter?
I hope the police officers involved in this do lose their jobs


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