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The Incredible Benefits of Dog Runs

Updated on April 10, 2018
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Michelle is a professional freelance writer who loves music, poetry, pets, and the arts. She is a techno-geek as well.

Golden retriever in dog enclosure PXHere Public Domain
Golden retriever in dog enclosure PXHere Public Domain | Source

Dog runs may seem frivolous but are useful for your pet. Your dog can exercise and socialize in these areas.

If you're thinking of building one for Fido, you'll need a little know-how. Tips on choosing which one to bring it to will prove useful as well.

What is a dog run?

Technically, a dog run is a fenced-in area where your pet can move about freely. The English used them in days of old to give their pets space.

Single-kennel runs allow a dog to move freely within an enclosure. They are about 6ft wide and 24 ft long. Some owners place their runs against a building; these house many dogs. Some of them have a single dog house.

Some cities have dog parks. Dogs can exercise and befriend other pets in them, but your pet may meet dogs with illnesses or infections.

Border Collie at a Dog Run PXHere  Public Domain
Border Collie at a Dog Run PXHere Public Domain | Source

The Benefits of Dog Runs

You already know that taking your dog for a walk benefits you and your pet. Both of you get the opportunity to exercise and take in the much-needed fresh air. Of course, it's also a chance for you to take a much-deserved break.

Your pet gets a little freedom as well. Dog runs are the only places it can go without a leash. It will enjoy getting to know other people and dogs. Of course, this raises endorphin levels. Your pet feels happy when it plays. Also, watching your pet play is therapeutic.

You'll also pick up new skills from pet owners who are more experienced than yourself. They may offer pet care tips. You get to learn valuable lessons at dog runs.

Young dog at Dog Run CCO-BY-SA Public Domain
Young dog at Dog Run CCO-BY-SA Public Domain | Source

Choosing the right dog run

Dog parks are becoming increasingly popular, and some owners are lucky enough to have one nearby. But nearness isn't the only Factor that decides how suitable a dog park is. Here are a few others to bear in mind.

1. Space

Some dog parks are enormous, while others consist merely of a small, circular pathway. Authorities squeeze them between buildings to fulfill the public's demands for a park.

There should be enough space for your dog to run around comfortably. Like people, dogs need space. They won't have fun if they are always tripping over each other.

2. Cleanliness

Dog owners like you will understand that pets need to pee and poop. But even the most tolerant dog owner is disgusted when he or she steps into another dog's mess.

A clean dog park will help you gauge if the owners who go to it are responsible. Furthermore, you won't want your dog ingesting unwanted bacteria. Vaccinate your pet before bringing it to any park.

3. Responsible owners

Also, pick a dog park where responsible dog owners go. These owners are knowledgeable about dog behavior and are willing to offer advice. They'll want sessions at the park to be fun for all dogs and owners.

These owners will recognize the warning signs of adverse dog behavior and know what to do to counter them. They will know what their dogs are doing at all times. These owners will also stop their children from teasing the dogs.

Great Pyreenes at Dog Run Fantilyre CC-BY-SA
Great Pyreenes at Dog Run Fantilyre CC-BY-SA | Source

How to Build A Dog Run

You may choose to build a small dog run yourself if space is available. It would save you the trouble of taking your dog to one.

1. Consider the area of your property where you wish to build your run. It should have shade to protect your pet in hot summers. Also, it shouldn't have poisonous plants.

2. Think about your pet's size. If you wish to put a doghouse in the run, you would want to think about how large it is as well.

3. Clear the area. Loosen the ground and excavate it till it's about six inches deep. Scour it for utility lines. You may want to contact your utility service provider about where the lines are.

4. Dig a hole that's about one to two feet deep with a post-hole digger. Measure it and make sure that it's roughly twice as wide as the posts you'll be using. Begin at the corners and mark them at even distances. Leave a space between the fence post holes and the hole you dug out of the ground.

5. Fill the area with gravel until it's about two inches above the ground. Use boards to keep the material in place.

6. Construct a concrete base, Spray the area you’ve dug out with water to prevent the concrete from drying out. Build a form with two by six boards. Mix the cement in a wheelbarrow and create a gravel bed of about three inches. Use a board and smooth over the surface.

Pour the concrete into the structure. Smooth over the surface with a board. Wait for about two days for it to solidify. Reinforce it with fiberglass if you live in a cold climate. Ensure that it drains well.

7. Then, build your fence. Select the material you wish to use. Determine its height as well. Attach the support posts, pour concrete around them, and add the fencing.

8. Finally, add the door. You may choose to add an entry that’s as tall as your fence or a small gate that’s enough for your dog to go in and out.

In all, dog runs are a way for your pet to destress and have a little fun. They are blessings for your pet and yourself.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I am a fan of dogs. I would love to have one knowing of the many benefits you mention here. Unfortunately, it is a responsibility I wouldn't give to anyone. I plan to travel and know it would be an issue. Interesting and informative about dogs.


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