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DOG AUCTIONS and PUPPY MILLS ~ What Really Goes On?

Updated on December 3, 2012

Writing about man’s best friend being treated inhumanely is difficult to say the least. It makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve cried many tears. I am writing because raising awareness is key to making any kind of change.

Although my passion extends to the welfare of all animals, this article specifically discusses the legal but inhumane world of dog auctions and puppy mills. Everyone that cares about dogs should raise their voice and advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Dog auctions are where people who run puppy mills "do their business." Please read my article PUPPY MILLS The Sad Truth: Facts and Statistics for a detailed understanding of what really happens in puppy mills.


Dog auctions are legal in most states yet extremely inhumane. An average 300-500 dogs trade hands at any given auction. Typical auction attendees are puppy mill owners who come to buy and sell dogs in a setting similar to a used car auction, although the cars are probably treated better than the dogs.

You may find rescue organizations in attendance, often undercover, in hopes of placing some winning bids to change the fate of as many dogs as they can afford. The dogs sold at these auctions are a variety of purebred and designer hybrids (intended for huge profit). Yet these dogs often do not mimic their breed due to lack of health care, proper nutrition and grooming.

Written by Peggy Wilson ~

Day after day . . .
each one the same
another year older
a little more lame

Left out in the weather
with little protection
my body is sore
and hot with infection

In the freezing cold
or the searing heat
with nothing but wire
beneath swollen feet

My food bowl is empty
my water dish dry
what did I do
please tell me, why

The litters come
and the litters go
where do they take them
I don't know...

Is this a bad joke
or a horrible game
I have no home
not even a name

No one to love me
no one to care
no one to bathe me
and brush my hair

My teeth are rotting
my eyes are encrusted
where are the people
to whom I'm entrusted

I cry every night . . .
so afraid, don't you see
could this be the life
God intended for me

Someone, speak for me
I am losing my will
take me out of this hell
called a Puppymill!


Picture in your mind, rooms filled from floor to ceiling with hundreds of cages, each housing dogs whose sole purpose is PROFIT. Each dog up for auction is identified by the number on the auction tag hanging around his or her neck. These dogs are not valued as pets.

Dog auctions are covert affairs and based on greed and secrecy. They do not allow cameras or journalists. Most information and images you will find was more than likely obtained undercover.

Female dogs (bitches) that are already pregnant stir much excitement amongst the crowd as they are highly valued -- especially if they have a proven fertility record. And that goes for male stud dogs with a proven record as well.

These dogs are scared, sick, hopeless and trembling. They often have no food or water. They are sold at auction and go from one life of hell to another. If they are not sold at auction, they are usually killed.

The Legal But Inhumane World of Dog Auctions


  • Educate yourself, your family and friends
  • NEVER purchase a dog from a puppy mill
  • NEVER purchase a dog from a pet store
  • NEVER purchase a dog from an on-line pet store
  • Only purchase a dog from a responsible breeder (see comparison below)
  • Or contact breed-specific rescue organizations and adopt
  • Or purchase a dog from your local shelter
  • Report animal abuse and neglect
  • Share this article with family and friends encouraging them to take action


Do some research to see if you live in a state/area that allows dog auctions. Find out if there are efforts underway to create legislation to ban dog auctions. Volunteer! Write letters. Gather signatures. Organize rallies. Do whatever you can do to stop the inhumane treatment of dogs.

I live in the state of Ohio in the USA. We have an active citizen-backed coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions. The current ballot initiative, if passed, will establish legislation making it illegal for anyone to auction or raffle a dog in Ohio. In addition, it would prohibit bringing dogs into Ohio for sale or trade that were acquired elsewhere.

The Sad Truth About Puppy Mills


This information was taken from my article PUPPY MILLS The Sad Truth: Facts and Statistics. It is important and worth repeating.

With a little knowledge, you can tell the difference . . .

  • A puppy mill breeder will buy and sell dogs at a dog auction. A humane breeder would never step near a dog auction.
  • A puppy mill breeder may have many breeds of dogs for sale at the same time. A humane breeder will work with one breed at a time.
  • A puppy mill breeder usually will not allow customers to view their property or kennel. A humane breeder will welcome you into their home and kennel area.
  • A puppy mill breeder may offer to ship a puppy to the new owner without meeting you first. A humane breeder is eager to meet you and your family first.
  • A puppy mill breeder won’t require an application or references from a buyer. A humane breeder will require a completed application (contract) and possibly additional references.
  • A puppy mill breeder does not ask buyers to return the dog or contact them if at any point in the dog’s life the owners cannot keep the dog. A humane breeder will tell you that if there if ever a reason that you cannot keep the dog, contact them and they will take the dog back.
  • A puppy mill breeder has a very large kennel, usually owning 50 to several hundred dogs or more. A humane breeder will have sufficient kennel space with a limited amount of puppies available at one time.
  • A puppy mill breeder breeds females every time they come into heat. A humane breeder will skip heat cycles and give enough recovery time as necessary.
  • A puppy mill breeder is USDA licensed (in many cases) so that they can sell puppies to pet stores. This is a red flag that a breeder is in the “profit only” business. A humane breeder has no reason to be USDA licensed.
  • A puppy mill breeder will not screen their puppies for genetic defects. A humane breeder will have all the appropriate screenings completed on all the puppies for sale. They will present screening certificates to the new owners.
  • A puppy mill breeder will not tell you of any health problems the puppy may have. A humane breeder will be upfront and honest.
  • A puppy mill breeder prefers to deal with cash and will not offer you a payment plan. A humane breeder will not insist on only a cash deal. And they may offer a payment plan beginning with an initial deposit.
  • A puppy mill breeder does not put the welfare of the dogs/puppies first. A humane breeder's main focus is the welfare of the dogs/puppies.

                 RESCUE ANGEL

The people looked at me and started to bid
I wished I wasn't here, just wish that I'd hid.

Then off from the back of the room I did see
The face of an angel looking right straight at me.

The angel raised her arm and began to shout.
I'll take her myself, I'll pay that amount.

Then I was carried away to a cage one last time
I'd tried to be good and committed no crime.

The cages were opened and dogs left that place
When my cage was opened I saw the angels face.

She picked me up and held me even though I smelled bad
I knew by her voice the angel wasn't mad.

Then off to this place that I now call home
By her side I will stay and never more roam.

I must have been blessed some time long ago
Because when she holds me tight I just seem to glow.

I often times think about my lifelong ago
Rescue people are really angels don't you know.

They save us from places called Puppymills you see
I pray all my brothers and sisters will someday be free.

                      Author Unknown

                                         Thank you so much for reading!

"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals."

                                                                             Sharyn's Slant


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