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The Loss Of A Beloved Pet Can Be Hard To Deal With.

Updated on July 9, 2014

A Tribute To My Beloved Lucy Bell.

My Lucy Bell passed away on Sunday May 4th, 2014. I did not see it coming. I went to work at my job for the whole weekend, and did not come home until Sunday night a little after 6 pm.

When I got home I walked into my bedroom to unpack my bag, and said hi to my birds, and Lucy came in, and I reached down to pet her. i felt something dried on her neck. I said "what the heak? Then she went over to her scratching chair, and as she was walking away I saw her back end. I became alarmed, and she was not walking right. I tried to go near her, but she ran away. I then followed her, and tried to pick her up to see what was going on, she did not want to let me. At this point she had gone into my spare bedroom, and that is when I saw all the rust colored blood and what looked like mucus. It was all over the bed. I found an old sheet to wrap her in and took her to the Emergency Vet Clinic. I had never been there before, and they took her right in. They were so good with her, especially since she was not a people person,

What followed was a nightmare for me, and I really blame myself. I got Lucy 7 years ago. I picked her out from a litter of kittens. My daughter took in a homeless cat, and she was pregnant.I had to deal with Lucy being infested with fleas, and she was at that point, to young to be able to use anything on her to get rid of the fleas. And I pretty much weened her myself. I bathed her in Dawn Dish liquid, and combed her to try to get the fleas out, but they were so stubborn. When she was old enough I was able to use proper flea medication for her. And it did work for her, but down the line, every winter her skin got really dry and scabbed up, yes I know this really has nothing to do with what really happened to her, but just saying.

Lucy was an indoor cat, she never had a desire to go outside. Lucy was a very shy cat.She always hid when people came over.And I never took her to the vet, as back in the day when I was growing up, you really did not do that with cats.. But I guess things have really changed. And Vets have learned so much more about our feline friends. We always knew that dogs had to go to the vet for shots and what not, but never cats. It was said that they could take care of themselves. also now, we find out that our beloved pets can have all the same diseases as humans. Ya know I really have to wonder, if we did not know all this back in the day, or is it because of the world we live in now, with all the harmful things around us, and it affects our pets as well, but in Lucy's case that is not what happened, Sorry my mind wondered for a moment.

So onto what happened next. The drive to the vet was really hard for me, my mind was racing. I Tried to calm myself, but I had a really bad feeling, and as you know by now, I was not wrong. After all said and done... If I had gotten Lucy spaded this all could have been avoided. She got an infection, which had been "brewing for awhile", that is what they told me. But I never even knew it. Lucy never showed any signs of being sick. It was to far gone, they could not even operate on her, and even if they did. It would of cost $2000.00, plus the medication. I was so upset, all I could do is cry, and trust me, I never cry in front of people. Never.

It broke my heart to have to put her down. Lucy was such a big part of my life, and she was always there for me, especially when I was having a down day. And.So the only thing left to do was talk about what to do with her remains. i decided to take her home and bury her in my yard. Verses a mass cremation, and I would not have any of her remains..

The night was raining really hard, and the wind was kicking up strong, and there was a damp chill in the air. I drove us home, and I cried all the way home. All I could think of is " my Lucy is gone"... what will I do without her? I brought her in the house, and it felt so empty, as she always greeted me at the door when I came home. So I felt so lost.. My heart was broken.

I buried her on Monday, with the help of my family, they knew how much I loved her. Everyone pitched in, and it was a really special day. Again I cried at her grave in my backyard under the lilac bushes, and I had a bleeding heart bush that I planted over her grave, and then all the kids circled her grave with stones. And they sang songs for her, and I am sure Lucy enjoyed that. It made me feel good, and to know that my grandkids cared about her as much as I did. She will hold a special spot in all of our hearts.

Even now I still miss her so much. I can see her grave under the lilac tree from my bathroom window. I think of her habits and quirks, and how she was scared of plastic bags, but loved to chase crumpled paper when I threw it for her. Oh and how she loved her treats! She was never one for table food, but shake that bag of kitty treats, and she would come a running! She always slept at the right side of the bottom of my bed. She was not a cuddley cat, and did not really like to be held.

My Lucy was always a laid back kitty, but she loved me... and I loved her as if she was my child. I will always keep her close in my heart, and i still think of her everyday. I know she is in pet heaven playing with other beloved pets, and I hope i can meet up with her someday. We will have so much to catch up on.


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    • Heather Y Gilmore profile image

      Heather Y Gilmore 3 years ago from Ellenton, Florida

      It is crazy how painful losing a pet can be.So sorry for your loss.