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The Main Beekeeping Products

Updated on July 15, 2010

The art of breeding and rearing bees is what is referred to as beekeeping.People involved in beekeeping are known as beekeepers while the places where the bees are kept are referred to apiaries.Bees assist in plant and flower pollination.A beekeeper rears bees and vends them to make money.The bees also give many other goods that are also put up for sale.Honey and beeswax are the two major beekeeping products.

Honey that has been collected for many years is undoubtedly the best liked of all beekeeping goods.It is used as food and in the manufacture of other products.Honey has many nutritional benefits.It is said to increase an individual’s resistance to exhaustion and help in the promotion of better mental efficiency.Honey is used by convalescents, invalids and healthy individuals.Honey can be of great benefit to people that have problems with their digestive systems.It improves the assimilation of food and helps to treat such chronic and infective intestinal problems as constipation and ulcers.Honey is also used in the manufacture of cosmetic creams.In addition to promoting body tissue regeneration, it also helps in infection fighting.When applied on burn wounds, it reduces blistering and speeds up the regeneration of new tissues.In areas that experience temperate climate, honey is used as a treatment for throat infections and colds.

Another product from beekeeping is beeswax.It is a key ingredient in the manufacture of cosmetics and in such polishing goods as shoe and furniture polish.It is also in important ingredient in the manufacture of modeling wax.You probably do not know but beeswax is used in the assembly of pool tables.It is used to fill the seams and screw holes that are found between the slates.The makers of squeezeboxes blend it with pine rosin and use it as an adhesive.However, beeswax is known for its use in the manufacture of candles.Candles made using beeswax are said to burn clean.Additionally, they are smokeless and they never drip wax.For this reason, they are a favorite with many people.Beeswax is also used as a cheese coating.Beeswax is used to coat cheese when it is ageing to prevent it from spoiling.It is preferred over plastic for the simple fact it does not leave unpleasant flavors.Moustache wax and various hair pomades include beeswax as a key ingredient.In order to construct desired surfaces fro their thumb rolls, percussionists apply it on their tambourines.


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