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The Many Uses of Rabbits

Updated on December 11, 2010
Rabbits can be very cute when small which can make it hard to put them to their designated purpose.
Rabbits can be very cute when small which can make it hard to put them to their designated purpose. | Source

Rabbits are a multi-purpose animal.

 Many people forget that rabbits were merely a source of food and fur before they became domesticated and had their genetics manipulated through selective breeding. They had humanized them making it taboo to keep them as anything but a spayed or neutered pet. Which is a shame since they can not reach their full potential with such limitations applied to all of them.  Certain breeds were created to serve certain purposes.  For example, satins were created for using the fur on ladies garments for fancy social events.  The high sheen gave the illusion that the wearer was shining and thus stood out.  Rexes were made for the plush fur which makes excellent blankets and ligning for coats.  Angoras were bred for their fur which can be spun into a luxurious yarn and later woven into delightful clothing.  The two fur breeds mentioned above were also bred for high meat to bone ratio so that there would be little waste as the meat is succulent and low in cholesterol and fat.  Any rabbit can be used for the single most basic use: Manure.  Even pets produce it so why not use it?  It is the only manure that can be directly applied even to young seedlings.  It is in a way gold for the garden.  It is also a great additive to compost, helping it to keep going almost not matter what else was put into the pile.  True rabbits can be great pets but we must remember some simple things: They all produce manure which can be used or sold or traded, they all bear fur which can be used for different purposes, and they are all made of meat and can be eaten in times of need.  Many people survived the great depression by raising rabbits.  Think about it.  Some of us would not be here had it not been for the nourishment provided by those rabbits.


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