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The Most Sincere Friendship

Updated on April 19, 2014

When the "irrational" teach "rational"

Everyone knows that animals have an uncanny ability to make friends beyond our comprehension. Are as true, improbable and intense relationships that impress us.

I'll talk a little about this and also show you some pictures of these amazing friendships. I know you've seen some examples somewhere, but now can check some more and in great photographic detail.

Some friendships - the most common - place between cats and dogs. But have you seen a friendship between a dog and a Cheeta?

The value of friendship between animals knows no bounds, even a predator can get along well with other animals considered prey, is growing together, sharing the same experiences or simply through an affection that arises in unusual ways.

On the other hand, humans often even growing together and having a certain bond let themselves be dominated by evil and greed and end up committing unforgivable acts as treason, robbery and even murder.

Humans usually think of your superiority to animals have the ability to reason, but in reality the quality ends up turning into ruin. It is based on this thinking that man is digging its own grave.

Let us learn from these animals and have lasting and happy relationships without letting bad thoughts make us selfish and irrational.

unlikely friendships

Patience and love

Speaking in love may seem archaic or even insane for the current urban tribes, but there's no let it go unnoticed. The animals, however, comes from "factory" with that feeling in their programmed instincts. When we see one another or acting differently, of course, there was a "reprogramming" of this in his emotional.
This act of extreme cruelty humans can produce irreversible damage, and even more: it is necessary to have greater love to try a possible recovery of these creatures.
We have to think long before buying or adopting a pet. One must bear unique responsibility in decision making. Only then will we have emotionally healthy animal owners and mentally balanced.A puppy is about to be euthanized because of their alleged aggressive and is very frightened, however, with much care and patience, the animal becomes docile and confident. Follow the true story shown by this video that reflects what we can when we act based on love and respect.


A Dog and a Urangutan? Uauuuuu

The same happen with the other example down. In opposites situations but the same. Have no suffering, unlike, a great love from each other.
No shame, no bias, no human interference. Only love. And the man? He is only the man in scene

A great friendship.
A dog and an orangutan? Well, the animals always by surprise.

It is proved that the difference between races, "culture" and ideas are not outright barriers when there is loveand friendship. The urangutan "Suryia" lost his parents at age three. Was weakened, refused to eat and did not respond well to drug treatments. "Roscoe" (an old dog) was found lost in the vicinity of the zoo. Brought to treatment Suria met and became friends since then. The fact awakened in Suryia a new reason to live and she has gone to great lengths to which his new friend to go with her on outings and daily activities. This lead to significant improvement in their clinical condition. Today they live in Northern California. Suryia is afraid of water, but swimming is the favorite sport of Roscoe that with dedication and patience to teach swimming. It can be noticed (notionally) the outline of your smiles of happiness. Together they discovered the power of friendship, friend and shoulder the responsibility for that captivates.

I love this dog

First item of the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights says:

1- All animals have the same right to life.


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