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Busting the Myths About White Boxers

Updated on March 22, 2018
ziyena profile image

Indie author of historical romance and paranormal novellas and a history buff.

Young Pup

White boxer pup at three months
White boxer pup at three months | Source

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

~ Josh Billings

The Myths Behind the Breed

The White Boxer has always been at the heart of controversy with canine breeders. It is unfortunate that though they are a Boxer breed that because of the color of their coat they are not considered ideal in the dog breeding competition arena due to skin allergies that cause severe reactions, possible hearing loss, and skin cancer susceptible. Below are a few myths about the White Boxer breed:

This is a picture of a wrong colored "white" German Boxer from a german registered breeder.
This is a picture of a wrong colored "white" German Boxer from a german registered breeder. | Source

White Boxers are a Rare Breed

Not Really

Nearly 18% Boxer puppies born turn out white and they have been around as long as the Boxer breed has been in existence up to date. Even so, it is a sad fact that many dog breeders euthanize white pups because they "don't meet American Boxer Club or American Kennel Club standards" Folks, what if certain humans didn't meet the set standards for homo sapiens breeding? If so, a good lot of us wouldn't be here today.

White Boxers are Albino


An Albino, whether a human or animal is classified as having absolutely no skin pigmentation at all. Classic traits of an Albino are evidenced with having pink eyes and no color to the body at all.

Given this known fact, White Boxers are born with white hair and still retain pigmentation although very little and must be kept out of the sun because they are sensitive to exposure and easily burn.

Adult Female Boxer

female white boxer
female white boxer | Source

White Boxers Have Multiple Health Concerns

Somewhat True

There are some Boxers that are born with high-maintenance conditions such as hearing loss or skin allergies. Unfortunately, skin conditions are costly, but usually oatmeal baths and special dietary requirements prescribed by a vet can help alleviate concerns.

If a boxer has a hearing loss, the dog can be trained to understand hand signals, sign language, or the use of flashlights. In fact, the entire boxer breed is naturally inquisitive and very intelligent.

Given these circumstances, most breeders frown upon breeding practice with a White Boxer due to aforesaid health concerns and restrictions placed by the association for show. The idea of euthanasia does not sit well with most breeders and would rather spare these pups for family oriented purposes since they are overall very delightful pets.

You Can't Register White Boxers With the AKC

Somewhat False

Owners are allowed to register their White Boxers to compete in sporting events and obedience, but association standards dictate that two-thirds of the breed must be brindle or fawn. Given that White Boxers do not meet requirements, some Boxer breeders feel that they are inferior to the classic fawn-colored Boxers.

Adult Male Boxer

A beautiful male white boxer at 4 years
A beautiful male white boxer at 4 years | Source

White Boxers are a Mean Breed

Not True

Can I laugh here?

My white boxer "Fiona" is one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs that I've encountered before in my life. She's so friendly that she'd run toward a territorial Pitbull. She let my adopted motherless kitten nurse on her without a qualm. Did I mention loyalty? When she was alive, she never left my side.

God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he'll be there. ~ Billy Graham

RIP Miss Fiona

Author & Miss Fiona RIP
Author & Miss Fiona RIP | Source

One Breed, One Love

There's one thing we can all agree upon. The color of the coat doesn't matter when it comes to the character of the breed itself. Fawn, white, black or brindled, the boxer breed remains true to its intelligent and jovial personality. Loyal to the core, these dogs are the perfect family pet, a guardian sentiel with children and a cozy couch partner on a rainy day. And, no matter the breed ... all dogs are man's best friend.

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  • jandee profile image

    jandee 5 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

    Hello Ziyena and Heylisa,

    just to say that during your discussion about your dogs the love from both of you about your dogs really shone through

    enjoyed reading again,


  • ziyena profile image



    I have had two Pitbulls ... and both were beautiful, sweet, sensitive and intelligent dogs.

    However, when it comes to other dogs ... both of my Pits were quite vicious in territorial situations, and so when I describe a "snarling Pitbull" ... I know from experience. It is in their nature, and nothing changes this fact that Pits will always protect and defend their world to a higher degree than other breeds.

    I don't believe in sugar-coating the truth.

    However, I will re-word my statement given that you are correct in that the statement sounded overly critical by the word "snarling"

    Perhaps I should re-word "She's so friendly that she'd run towards a territorial Pitbull."

    Thanks for your input :)

  • profile image

    HeyLisa 5 years ago

    I think it is good that you are defending your breed, But the sad thing is in doing so you fell into breed discrimination yourself, by saying "She's so friendly that she'd run toward a snarling Pit Bull."

    I mean really? Here I have to laugh because I know MANY pit bulls that have the same qualities you are describing here. This is not good, because the WORLD needs to see that it is NOT any one breed that is "bad" or "mean" it ALL depends on the owner and how they teach it. So please be careful maybe next time you could just say "she would run toward a snarling dog" Lets try to get rid of breed discrimination all together :)

  • profile image

    AurelioLeo 6 years ago

    I love dogs. I grew up with dogs when I lived at home 20 years ago. lol. thank you for the interesting read.

  • profile image

    CJ Sledgehammer 6 years ago

    Greetings Ziyena:

    Thank you for speaking up for one of Planet Earth's most delightful pleasures - the Boxer.

    I had a brindle boxer. He was beautiful, powerful, regal, and playful.

    I have always said that "boxers are a party waiting to happen." They are truly a lovely breed and have such delightful personalities.

    I cried like a baby when he had to be euthenized due to cancerous tumors. Some hulking tough-guy I turned out to be. He was my friend and in many ways, one of my children. He saw it that way, too.

    Thank you, Ziyena, for loving the boxer as much as I do and for being so kindhearted and conscientious. You turned out well for a self-proclaimed army brat, how did that happen? :0)

    Warm wishes to you and yours - C.J. Sledgehammer

  • Just Ask Susan profile image

    Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    I've never seen a white boxer before. I love all dogs no matter what breed they are. Thanks for introducing me to the white boxer.

  • thomasmiler profile image

    thomasmiler 6 years ago

    that's true ziyena

  • ziyena profile image


    No matter what color, Boxers are the sweetest breed :)

    Nice to meet you

  • Cardozo7 profile image

    Cardozo7 6 years ago from Portugal

    Thanks for sharing. Never heard of white boxer before. I had a "normal color" boxers a few years ago and she was an amazing dog. I'll do some extra research on this boxers. Nice hub

  • ziyena profile image


    Bobbi ... my boxer gets along with any animal, even pitbulls believe it or not!

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile image

    PurvisBobbi44 6 years ago from Florida


    Thank you for sharing this with us, especially, since I have never seen a white boxer. They are beautiful, and surely must be rare.

    I love all animals. I wondered if my jealous Pomeranian, would be compatible with a white boxer.

    Thanks again,


  • ziyena profile image


    Jandee. ... Luv this comment!

  • jandee profile image

    jandee 6 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

    Complete Fascist mentality !!!

    Lovely hub and I get mad when I even think of what these so called breeders do to whites . Weird how whites seem so especially lovable-What are they doing to Boxers anyway I.e 'genetics' for a rabbit tail-law against docking!!???

    best from Jandee

  • ziyena profile image


    I agree with you 100% ... i've many loyal dogs, but never one so faithful and loving. Love me my Boxer!

  • wesleycox profile image

    wesleycox 6 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012

    I love Boxers. They are (to me) the smartest, best bahved, loyalist, and have the best personality of all the breeds. White Boxers should be exhalted like the white tigers.