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The New Craze Deer Antlers For Dogs

Updated on June 29, 2011

Deer Antlers For Dogs

So after looking around the internet for some type of new chew for dogs that may not be a big hit yet. I came across deer antlers for dogs and was amazed no one thought of this sooner. What drew me to these is that they are 100% natural and come from a renewable source because they aren't taking from the deer or elk. The antlers are picked up after the shedding season.

So their is no need to worry about your antlers being made in China because they are all U.S.A picked. Deer antlers for dogs also are great because they don't get soggy like some rawhide and also don't splinter when your dog is chewing on them.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach and can't handle rawhide then deer antlers for dogs is perfect for your dog because they digest naturally because they are 100% natural.

Deer Antlers Online

When it comes to buying deer antlers make sure to buy it from a reputable person like amazon, Petco, Petsmart. Although alot of the big chain stores don't carry them the best place is amazon to buy quality sterilized and cleaned bone. You can check out amazons deals here at Deer Antlers.

So put your rawhide away and check out the safer alternative to bones and rawhide. The other great thing about these is that they can be used for the other types of pets like hamster, rabbits, gerbils and another types of chewing animals.

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