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The New Girl In Town - Carmela Ficus

Updated on March 10, 2012

Carmela Ficus

Kitty Caps
Kitty Caps
The "Caticure"
The "Caticure"
Carmela Ficus
Carmela Ficus

Come On Little Kitty Kitty

As I previously hubbed, we had Miss Kitty put down in December 2011. By the middle of January 2012, I was ready for a new cat. I considered adopting a cat but I really wanted a kitten. Apparently, lots of people get kittens for Christmas because there were few, if any, to be found after the first of the year. A friend told me about some stray kittens that someone she knew was trying to rescue. I joined in the hunt but they were feral and I could not get anywhere close. I finally happened upon an ad for two kittens free to a good home. I took the female and someone else got the male.

So, welcome to our household Carmela. The people we got Carmela from meant well I suppose. However, they were living in an extremely small home and had two Huskies outside in a 10' x 10' pen. Their owner told me the female was carrying a litter. In addition to the two kittens and the dogs, there were guinea pigs and rabbits somewhere, although I did not see them. Oh and lest I forget, they had a two year old child too. Carmela should probably thank her lucky stars.

All things considered, Carmela was in pretty good shape. She appeared to be well-fed but she smelled awful so the first thing she got upon arrival at her new home was a bath and a flea dip. We left her with a dry towel and trundled off to the store and came back with food, bowls, and a few toys. Since that time, more toys have been added to her collection and she has received all of her shots and been dewormed. Today I went to see about getting her spayed and declawed. She will go back on Thursday for the spaying. She will not be getting declawed.

I am ashamed to admit that at age 51 and having owned numerous cats that I did not know that declawing was for all intents and purposes an amputation! Instead of declawing, we opted for Kitty Caps. The are little claw-shaped vinyl covers that are glued to the cat's nails. They have to be replaced every 4-8 weeks as the nails grow and the caps fall off. I was surprised at how easy they were to put on and how cooperative Carmela was. The caps even come in colors. At the moment, she is sporting blue and gray ones in an alternating pattern but we are going to try more fashionable colors when more are needed!

If you are wondering where she got her middle name (Ficus) from, it is because she loves the ficus tree in our great room. She knows she is not supposed to get in it but whenever she can sneak into it she does. You will walk through the room and suddenly the tree will start shaking and eventually you will see a tail, her head or a paw hanging from the thick fake tree. Therefore, she is Carmela Ficus.

At first, she would not get on the bed at night. She eventually started sleeping on the bottom of the bed. Then I would wake up in the morning and she would be curled up next to me. Now, as soon as I lay down, she snuggles up right beside me. She is a mooch. When she gets fed, she gobbles up her food and then meows for more. I just look at her and tell her she is not getting any more until her next meal. I get an evil look and then she turns and stalks away. She was litter trained when we got her but I am thinking of trying to toilet train her as I have read that this can be done with cats. I will wait until she has had time to recover from her surgery though. She has a kitten harness and when the weather is nice, I take her out on a leash. She is learning to like the leash although she still walks funny when on it.

We have two big dogs and it was tense when she first came home. She did not like either of them and they both took a few swats to the face. The dogs are friendly though and gave her some space and she eventually took to them. They all cohabitate quite well now. When we get out the laser pointer or she starts chasing one of her jingle or catnip balls, the dogs think she is trying to play with them and they try to play with her. It is comical to watch because they do not understand that she is focused on her toy. They tend to get frustrated and eventually give up while she continues to have a good time.

Carmela sreads her attention around but of course most of it is reserved for yours truly here. I am happy with my cat. I will always remember Miss Kitty, Smidgen and other cats that have graced my life and they were all special for various reasons. I can tell Carmela Ficus will be special too!


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    • teyeger82 profile image

      teyeger82 5 years ago from / courtesy of

      Lizam1, the vet did actually trim her nails before I put the caps on. Ideally, I could go that route with her but there are some furnishings and even some skin in my home that probably would not hold up even with trimmed nails given the way she likes to play!

    • hildred profile image

      hildred 5 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Lovely hub. Looks like you've got a great future with your new cat ahead!

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 5 years ago

      Nice looking cat. Resembles the one I had. :)

    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 5 years ago from Victoria BC

      Lovely kitty. I am a cat lover. Have you considered trimming her nails - it's painless and won't cost you anything.