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The Oster Shedzilla Deshedding Tool vs The FURminator

Updated on August 28, 2014

We love our pets...

...but we don't love the hair they leave throughout our house. For your shopping convenience, here is an in-depth look at two of the more popular deshedding brushes on the market. For my review, I used the Oster Shedzilla De-Shedding Tool and the FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Large Dogs.

The Shedzilla wins hands down in this category. Depending on where you shop, you can get the Shedzilla from anywhere between $16-$30. The FURminator will cost you anywhere between $45 and $65.

Effectiveness: I experimented with both brushes on my Golden Retriever/Lab mix, Sophie. I swiped the Shedzilla five times across the left back side of Sophie and the FURminator five times across the right back side of Sophie. I found that the the FURminator worked deeper into the coat and grabbed more hair.


Comfort for your Dog: I ran the Shedzilla across my arm to get an idea how it would feel to be brushed with it. The smooth edges did not irritate my skin. On the other hand, when running the FURminator across my skin, the sharp edges were slightly irritating.

Long Term Use: I used the FURminator every other day for two weeks and then the Shedzilla every other day for two weeks. With the use of the FURminator, I noticed less hair in my house than with the use of the Shedzilla. Towards the end of the two weeks with the FURminator, though, Sophie's skin became red and irritated. There were no signs of irritation during the weeks using the Shedzilla.


Loose Hair Control: The FURminator comes with a convenient button that ejects the hair from the brush. This makes it easier to pile up the hair where you want it. When using the Shedzilla, hair tends to fly everywhere making a bigger mess for you to clean up later. If you decide to brush your pet outside, though, this isn't at all a problem.

Conclusion: The conclusion on which brush is better to use depends on your pet. If your pet has sensitive skin, I recommend the Shedzilla. While the Shedzilla does not retrieve as much hair as the FURminator, its curved edges will not irritate your pet's skin. If your dog does not have sensitive skin, I recommend the FURminator because of its ability to remove a large amount of undercoat.

Personally, I use both. Since my dog is sensitive to the edges of the FURminator, I only use it once at the beginning of each week. Then, I use the Shedzilla for touch up brushing throughout the remainder of the week.

For more tips to help control animal shedding, be sure to check out strategies for battling pet hair.



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