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The Penny Files

Updated on January 3, 2015

Molly During Her Last Few Months

Loss of Our Love November 2014

A little backstory about Penny and how she came to live with us is necessary, so that’s where we will start with what I like to call The Penny Files. November 20, 2014 our family was devastated when our beloved Rat Terrier Molly died. She was a young 13 and had finally lost her long grueling fight with cancer. I personally have never hurt like I did and still do from this tragic event in my life. I don’t think I will ever love anything like I loved her. I personally was struck with fits of sobbing sadness for weeks and still have moments of sadness that flood over and consume me like hot lava.

Rat Terrier Puppy (Molly 12/08/2001) Orange Cat (Emily)
Rat Terrier Puppy (Molly 12/08/2001) Orange Cat (Emily)
Smooth Fox Terrier
Smooth Fox Terrier

What Dog to Get

We debated as to whether we should purchase a purebred dog for weeks. Should we pay hundreds of dollars for a purebred and if so how hard will it be to find one that did not come from a puppy mill. I kept finding myself looking at Rat Terrier and sobbing more. I decided I would do some research on dog breeds. We did decide that we wanted a terrier of some sort and it shouldn’t be a rat terrier. We felt that if the dog was too close to Molly we would always try to compare them and it wouldn’t be fair. Not to the new dog, Molly, or us. Being the way that I am (overly analytical), I went to several dog breed related sites digging up everything I could on the various breeds of terriers. The best site I found for this information was Dog Time. I also recommend checking through the Westminster Kennel Club Breeder for information. While researching I put a numerical weight to specific traits and waded through all of that to find something along the lines of a border or fox terrier would probably fit with our life style best. Click here for the file I put together if you are interested. Then I started searching the internet for fox terriers. As it turns out fox terrier price range is around $700. This was a significant issue as we were not willing to dish out a large sum of cash for a dog. After looking at the many websites dedicated to fox terriers we started cruising,, and several other places. There were so many dogs that needed homes…needed love…deserved so much better.

Shelter Dog It Is

We decided that we were going to find a dog in a shelter that needed a home. The best thing someone can do is save a lost dog that has no family. I began looking for dogs in shelters. Truly we wanted a puppy or very young dog, but sometimes you just can’t find what you think you want. We still wanted a terrier so I kept doing searches for various types of terriers. On December 19th I was going through Adopt A Pet searching fox terriers and widened my search a bit further than normal. There was a young fox terrier mix that to me looked like a rat terrier. She was in North Carolina, which was a few hours away. I marked the page and kept on going. She was several hours away and I thought it was a bit far. After a couple of days I went back and found her again. The one thing that stood out to me (I’m a cheapskate) was the adoption fee was only $70. All the local shelter adoption fee’s ranged from $150 to $200. At that price you almost felt like you should just get a pure bred. They say the fee is to pay for the medications and spay/neuter surgery, but I think it is really to keep people that can’t afford pets from adopting them. Anyhow, this made a two hour drive much more worth it. So, I sent the ad to my wife and checked in to see what she thought. She pointed out that the dog was a bit bigger than we wanted, by 10 pounds. You don’t realize how much 10 pounds really is until you are up close and personal, trust me it’s a LOT. We talked through it and decided we would give it a shot and see if the dog liked us and we liked her.

Getting a Shelter Dog

I filled out the adoption paperwork online, since it was now the week of Christmas (December 21, 2014) I didn’t expect to hear back at least until the next Monday. However, my phone rang only a couple hours after submitting the paperwork. Jean, the foster home where the dog was located called me to talk about the adoption. She said she enjoyed what I wrote about our other pets and we discussed how difficult it is to lose one. For anyone that wants to read my application (it’s really not interesting) here’s a link to a text file (I bold/underlined the parts I wrote). After a brief conversation Jean told me that we are okay to come see the dog and decide if she’s a fit for us. I told her I would discuss it a bit further with my wife and let her know. Of course I called Jean back not long after and told her we would like to come see her and received the directions.

Up Next ~ Meeting Penny...

The next hub will go into our trip to meet Penny and her adoption...

If you would like to stay updated with Penny and her adventures please see the blog The Penny Files.


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