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The Perfect Gift for a Cat-Owner: Jumbo Cat Litter Mats

Updated on December 13, 2017
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Kitty's PLeasure

Big Gift for a Big Cat-Lover
Big Gift for a Big Cat-Lover

Jumbo Mats to Save you from Messy Cats

The kitty lovers understand the importance of cat litter mats and for those who need a heavy-duty mat for their overactive kitties, Kittycentric has a nice solution. The Jumbo Cat Litter Mat is built with all concerns that may bother the cat owners, making sure your life is always clutter and litter free all the times.

The mat is built with smartgrip features so that you won’t have to be bothered by the thought that the mat will get displaced once you place it somewhere. The effective grip below the mat makes sure it stays firm on one place even if the cat starts making an object to play with.

Extra-Large Gift for Extra Love of Kitties

The extra-large size means you don’t have to be thoughtful about collecting litter even when your cat is big in size. Just let it have it and the cat will love the soft and nontoxic mat to crawl, play and scratch on.

Built with cleanliness in mind, the cat litter mat is probably the best gift for a cat owner, and Christmas being a festival just a few days away, nothing can beat this super cool, jumbo size mat when it comes to make life more peaceful with a kitten being around all the time.

Built keeping the practical aspects in mind, smartgrip material on the upper side of the mat effectively catches and traps anything that falls from the paws of your pet helping reduce tracking, scatter and kitty litter dust across your floors and around your home. The dimpled underside prevents it from slipping or shifting out of place.

It’s a blessing for all kitty lovers.


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