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The Pet Goat

Updated on October 24, 2018
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We have been raising miniature dairy goats for over 12 years.

There Is Nothing Cuter Than A Baby Goat!

I know that all baby animals are cute. But watch some 3-5 day old baby goats discovering that they have springs in their hooves and you will see true cuteness! They can be challenging at times but are a joy to be around. We have raised bottle babies and momma fed babies. Our bottle babies are never by choice, we only bottle feed if the momma has rejected the baby or cannot feed them for one reason or another. We have had both situations happen to us in our goat journey

Goat Breeds

What is your favorite breed of goat?

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Goats And Toddlers Are Great Together!

I had 2 baby goats in the house along with my grandson who was 6 months old at the time. Both babies had moms that did not produce milk so we were bottle feeding for the first time. I kept them in a big futon box in the living room. I would let them out to run around and they would play tag with my grandson. They snuggled together and he now feels just as comfortable around goats as he does with our cats

We had twin goats recently being house raised. Their mother rejected them so we had to bring them in the house since it was still cold outside. We used my grandsons old playpen as a goat playpen and it worked out perfectly.

Male Goats DO Make Good Pets

Many people ask for female goats when they call me about purchasing a goat for a pet. But it comes as a surprise to most people that male goats make the best pets. A neutered male is very calm, gentle and affectionate. Our best pet goats have been neutered males. The other reason many people do not want male goats is because they tend to smell. But a neutered male does not have a smell at all

Goat Facts

Goats are not really walking lawn mowers like some people think. They are browsers, not grazers. They prefer sticker bushes, hedges and vines over grass.

Goats are herd animals. You cannot have just one. You will have a very unhappy goat.

Many people use goats as companion animals for their horses.

Not just any goat will make a good pet. Getting them at a young age and handling them a lot is the best way. Or buy a goat that has been raised to be a pet.

For pets we prefer the miniature dairy goats. Since they are smaller, they are easier to handle.

Find a vet that is familiar with goats or learn how to give shots, worm treatments and read up on different issues with goats so you can quickly diagnose any problems your goat may have.

How To Keep Your Pet Goat Healthy

Do plenty of reading on goats before you buy your first ones.

There are supplies and medications you should always have on hand for your goats.

Get them on a regular shots/worming schedule.

Learn the symptoms of the common problems that goats have such as bloat or scours.

If you decide to have females for milking there are several different types of milking stands and milkers you can buy.

We commonly keep Cydection and Ivomec 1% wormers, penicillin, bloat release,vitamin B complex, chewable vitamin C and Pepto Bismal and several more medications on hand

The Many Colors of Goats

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The Many Ears of Goats

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Small ears (La Mancha)Medium ears (Nigerian Dwarf)Big ears (Nubian)
Small ears (La Mancha)
Small ears (La Mancha)
Medium ears (Nigerian Dwarf)
Medium ears (Nigerian Dwarf)
Big ears (Nubian)
Big ears (Nubian)

Got Cookies?

Our babies know the word COOKIE!
Our babies know the word COOKIE!

Naming Your Goat

We have a lot of fun naming our babies. We try to be creative but also pick names that are easy to call out. All of our goats know their names and come when we call them. When I want the entire herd (14 goats right now) I just call out Goatie Goats and they come running. When I call out one name the goat will usually answer as he or she is heading my way.

Here are some names we have used over the years: Blaze, Yuki, Fiona, Cher Cher, Mocha, Prince, Rambo, Emmett, Kairi, Rayne, Nikki, Casper (yes he was pure white), Suzie, Little Miss, Sarah Smile, Cuddles, Sargent and Dewdrop. Our latest editions got their names from the movie Zombieland: Twinkie, Tallahassee and Snowball.

Have fun and be creative when naming your new ones!

Goat Snacks

There are goat snacks that you can buy at the feed store. They are usually licorice flavored. When I first began raising goats I bought these. They are not cheap and my goats would not touch them.

After trial and error I hit on the perfect goat snacks. The alphabet cookies at the dollar store. They see the ziploc bag with them in it and they are lining up at the fence begging for a treat. Those are their favorites but most plain style cookies are good for them as a treat. Oatmeal, shortbread, coconut and vanilla flavors are readily accepted too!


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