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The Pets Rule You, You Just Don't Know It

Updated on January 19, 2009

Butterfly and Bridget Jones

...or maybe its just me. I was never a pet person, I've lived to be 36 without any substantial relationship with an animal. I used to love cats when I was little until I  bathed a kitten, powdered it, put some cologne to expel the bad smell, I'm sure you know what happened next. Well my mom was away the whole day, I'm partly blaming her, she did try to contact a vet to ask what we can do to revive the cat. I'm terribly sorry for all the cat lovers but yes I did succeed in killing a cat, though my intentions were good really. But I was 9 and I was traumatized by that experience, putting me off pets for a long time.

Until last year, when my friend, the psudo bar tender, who is also a dog breeder offered me one of his cross breeds, a chow chow and japanese spitz. I believe I am mentally, emotionally and financially prepared to take on a pet. So I took a cab and a 45-minute drive to my friend's house to pick up "Butterfly". A male chow-spitz. The minute I saw him I was sure we'd work well together.

I went all scientific about caring for Butter, I researched the best dog food brand, touched base with a vet near my place for his shots, He was born in November 2007 and I got him on February 2008, just a wee little bundle of white fur. He looks like a dog angel. He is also very smart and displayed a happy and non-destructive disposition, but I never take him out so he's afraid to go out.

In May of 2008 my friend came out with pictures of his new dogs over at Multiply, this time it was American cocker spaniels. Again, I was so taken with the pics and just had to have one. So off I go again to buy Bridget Jones, a female cocker spaniel. I loved her as I love Butter. She was a firecracker, just running and jumping around half the time. It took a while to house-break her but now she's perfect.  

I realized then that I cared about animal rights protection. It just sickens me to see violence against animals in general and of course dogs in particular, that didn't used to affect me at all before Butter and Bridget. Sure the house was smellier, sure I had to pick up after them a lot but I didn't mind, I have become the proud owner of two wonderful dogs.

I feel I've been them long enough to know what they like and what they need. I'm glad that I started them on dog food, here in the Philippines, most dogs just live on what's left of their masters' meals, I think it makes them greedy and making food always their first thought. My dogs never bother me when I eat, they know its not their food.

What they live for is the quality time, the petting, the walking, the playtime with me. They love being scratched, and not because they have ticks or fleas or anything. I have dealt with that successfully with Frontline spot-on, the monthy dose was perfect in eliminating any and all parasites that feed on their skin. They do hate the weekly baths but there's just no going around it.

It's true that sometimes pets are even better than people. Pets love you unconditionally. They're very loyal, they do not talk back or lie to you like people do hehehe. Their endearing ways are very effective in getting what they want from you. Just a look from those honest soulful eyes and you'll roll over for them. If we can love people the way we love our pets, the world would be a much better place. 

my babies!!!

Bridget Jones
Bridget Jones
Butterfly and his toy Sherlock
Butterfly and his toy Sherlock

Butter and Bridget at play


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    • profile image

      dickyh 8 years ago

      pets rule the world... or at least mine.

    • buddygallagher profile image

      Monie Maunay 9 years ago from manila, philippines

      best thing about pets is that they only need a quarter of an hour to half an hour of some quality petting daily and they're off to their own preoccupancies never to bother you again. I am still talking about pets here ok... thanks golden toad and cris for dropping by.

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Spoken like a true pet lover! I remember crying buckets over lost pups when I was kid! Then came human friends which somehow relegated pet love to the den. But now that I know how to really care for one, I bought a Labrador, she turned 1 last November. Her name's Coco - a big bitch if there is one!

      btw, Constant Walker shared this link - but I must warn you though it's highly weep-inducing!

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 9 years ago from Free and running....

      my pets are like more kids. I can't go anywhere without a kid or a dog, or a rabbit jumping all over me. I try to tell them I don't like them, go away, but they are relentless, and usually I just give up and let them on the couch with me.