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Zoobic Safari (Subic, Philippines)

Updated on August 18, 2012

ZOOBIC SAFARI is the only tiger safari in the Philippines. It takes approximately three (3) hours to reach this place from Metro Manila. While there are alternative roads to get to Zoobic Safari, the more convenient and faster way is to take the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and the Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTX).

There are beautiful and stunning views of greeneries as you traverse these roads making the trip not the usual boring and lifeless drive. The SCTX offers a very relaxing ambiance that is a very welcome change from the traffic ridden roads of Metro Manila. The drive is very smooth and stress free except the annoying need to pay toll fees.

Zoobic Safari is a sprawling twenty five (25) hectares of recreated habitat of different and exotic animals, birds, snakes, crocodiles and rodents. It is located within the Ilanin Forest inside the well-preserved Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Here you can have a close encounter with ferocious tigers that seem to roam the African plains in search of their favorite prey. Guests ride a customized vehicle chased by hungry tigers attempting to partake in the meat dangled by trained guides. It is really a unique experience to see tigers up close with their jaws wide open and observe how they tear up raw meat with their huge teeth.

As the only place in the Philippines where you can get to see tigers really close, the entrance fee of just around twelve (12) US dollars per person is a bargain. It is very reasonable as the fee is inclusive of eleven (11) attractions including the tiger safari. There are certain "amenities" however that have additional payments but are very affordable.

Tigers are not the only attractions in this safari. One that is very fascinating is the “Croco Loco” where guest can feed crocodiles while standing on a steel platform. You can dangle chicken meat on a pole and see how the catatonic crocodiles immediately come to life and feed. It is astonishing to see these animals transform from inert and sluggish creatures to very agile ones.

An Ostrich is a common attraction in zoos. This bird, the largest in the world, always has a very dominating presence being more than six feet in height. Its being flightless is compensated by its speed in running. This bird however is often seen in very restrictive cages. In Zoobic Safari, guests would have that rare chance of seeing Ostriches almost in the wild together with potbellied pigs. You can even examine an Ostrich egg and be startled of its huge size.

The indigenous people of the Philippines - the “Aetas” entertain guests with their native dances showcasing their culture in "Aeta's Trail". Their dance is mimicry of life in the forest and communing with nature. “Aetas” or “Agtas” are one of the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines.

What is distinct about Zoobic Safari compared to other zoos in the Philippines is its sincere effort to create a simulated environment for the animals, birds, rodents and snakes. The animals appear to be frolicking in their natural habitat as guests learn about the significance of protecting nature. Guests can meet, pet, feed and touch some of the animals and birds promoting awareness and concern for these creatures.

A trip to Subic in the Philippines will never be complete without passing by this safari. It is one place where you can see different exotic animals up close and in their recreated but truly realistic environment.


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