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Phoenix, the Fire Bird

Updated on April 4, 2013

The Phoenix

The Phoenix, also known as the fire bird, is a mythological creature born of fire. The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth, regeneration, renewal and recovery. The symbol of the Phoenix is fire, out of the fire comes new.

What Does a Phoenix Look Like?

The Phoenix is a beautiful bird; there is no other like it. The bird is described as being multicolored, having red and golden feathers and resembles an eagle. There are several descriptions of the Phoenix. One description is that of the flamingo from Africa. The bright colored flamingo builds its next on the ground that is too hot for the egg or offspring to survive. So it builds its nest several inches tall and lays its egg there. The nest looks like it is surrounded by fire. The flamingo is part of the Phoenicopteridae family, or better known as the phoenix winged family.

The Legend

The legend of the Phoenix started in Egypt. When Greek travelers came to Egypt they spread the legend around the world. There is supposed to have been sightings of the Phoenix in the Emperor Claudius era by Pliny and another by Clement in the first century.

Legend says the Phoenix is immortal. The Phoenix lives for about 500 years then it builds a nest and sits in it and sets itself and the nest on fire. From the ashes comes a new Phoenix. It is not easily harmed or affected by diseases and the tears have healing powers as well as the ashes.

Other names associated with the Phoenix are the Chinese Feng Huang and the Egyptian Benu.


The Phoenix, a beautiful bird with magical powers. Was is real or a myth? Was the Phoenix our flamingo or peacock? The peacock has beautiful feathers, isn't a small bird. Did we rename animals over the years?


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