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Who Are The Real Monsters, Pit Bulls Or Humans?

Updated on November 13, 2010
Bowser when we first got him at 8 weeks old.
Bowser when we first got him at 8 weeks old.
Bowser at about 12 weeks old.
Bowser at about 12 weeks old.


I have never been afraid of Pit Bulls and have always known it is the owners who make them monsters and not the dogs being born that way. After becoming a pit bull owner I became all the more anti bsl (breed specific legislation) and pro-pit. The more I research the breed and the more I came to know our little guy Bowser the more I realize how truly great these dogs are. They are depicted as natural born killers, monsters that are bread to be nothing more than vicious fighting/killing machines. Like most everything else the media is shedding the wrong light on these sweet, loving creatures. American Pit Bull Terriers are a wonderful breed, they are highly intelligent, loyal, sweet, friendly, family dogs who have a tremendous eagerness and will to please their owners. It is when that eagerness and determination to please is placed into the wrong hands that they become aggressive fighting dogs that most people know them as. It is not them but the people who own and train them that are the monsters, the dogs are only trying their best to please the master. Thus, why blame them when it is the person's will that drives the behavior? We as humans are the most intelligent creatures on the planet, yet we are also the most ignorant. It's not hard to see that we as a society do not have a Pit Bull problem; we have an irresponsible owner problem. Why are we so quick to pass judgment upon a lesser creature, a dog who cannot possibly understand why he is being discriminated against? That which man does not understand man hates; that which he hates he destroys. Does this sound fair to you? Human beings by far are more vicious that any Pit Bull, out of our cruelty and abuse stems fearful creatures that have learned that man cannot be trusted. Dogs look up to us as their pack leaders; they only do what their leader teaches. It is our responsibility as humans to guide them, yet instead me mistreat them and misuse their abilities and turn them into what people have come to fear. Yet out of all the abuse, neglect, torment, torture and pain they endure they can still show love. How many of us could say the same?

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The Real Victims

These dogs are not to be feared, hated, or banned; they are to be helped. Pit Bulls and other so called aggressive/dangerous breeds need us to show the world that they are not monsters; they are just dogs, pets, and family members. We as humans need to step up and take responsibility for our actions and stop passing the blame onto the real victims, the dogs. They are living, breathing creatures just like you and I, so why don't they deserve a second chance? Wouldn't you like one? Even dogs that have been victims, being forced to fight, can be rehabilitated and can turn around to become what they have always wanted to; loving house pets. Anything placed into the wrong hands can become potentially dangerous, and any dog can be made into a vicious, aggressive creature. In reality when it comes to temperament tests of dog breeds most likely to bite the Pit Bull was 4th….from the BOTTOM of the list. Labrador Retrievers and Spaniels are statistically more likely to bite that a Pit Bull. Isn't that a shocker? There is no such thing as bad dogs only bad owners. Ask yourself this, when a dog does attack a human does the news ever say why? Perhaps it was the way the dog was raised, or perhaps the dog was provoked. But ah I'm forgetting humans never like to stand up and take responsibility for anything wrong that we do; for any crime that we commit. So why should I expect us to take the blame for these poor Pit Bulls. It's so much easier to blame the dog, to say oh it's in their nature, they are the problem. Man likes the easy way out and nothing is easier than blaming something that can't stand up and defend its self. *sigh* All this makes me sick! Let's do something about the real problem, the real monsters; let's do something about ourselves!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Pitbulls are not monsters nor the owners people should stop judging people mess with pitbulls to much that is why they attack JUST STOP messing with them and they won't attack you

    • profile image

      LEVERT S. 

      8 years ago

      they are sweet and luving dogs,but they are very protective

    • Eternal Evolution profile imageAUTHOR

      Eternal Evolution 

      8 years ago from kentucky

      @ Luck 2, yes you have to be careful no matter what kind of dog you have but I do disagree that some dogs are born bad. I've not know any little puppy to be born evil, bad, or a monster. Dogs like anything else become bad due to circumstances. Dogs are animals and what animal is born evil or bad? Again dogs are animals and have teeth and yes can and will bite. However, dogs rarely bite without warning or reason. I'm not saying it never happens but look close enough and there will most likely be an underlying issue that was never resolved.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You are so wrong there are dogs that are born bad and no matter how good you are to them they will bite. This blame the owners is just crazy. Yes, sometimes it is the owner but that is not always true.

      I don't believe in Pit Bulls being hurt or used for fighting or banned. I think it's sad what has happened to so many of them.

      Owners of dogs should always be careful no matter what kind of dog you have.

    • Eternal Evolution profile imageAUTHOR

      Eternal Evolution 

      8 years ago from kentucky

      Vicki Lynn I agree with everything you said in your comment. I'll never stop fighting for pit bulls, they are my passion. I just wish more people would stop relying on what they are fed and do some real research on these dogs.

    • profile image

      Vicki Lynn 

      8 years ago

      So what happens when a white guy gets jumped by four black guys and gets put in the ICU? Does that mean all black people are violent and should be thrown in jail, banned from living certain places and/or killed? I strongly don't think so. I think it is the actions of the individuals and their upbringing that determines their demeanor. I believe ignorance is the biggest issue, both for owners of the breed that allow/encourage aggressive behavior and half of general public that discriminates against all animals in the breed. I agree there are some pitbulls that I know personally that I wouldn't take my nieces around, but I also have observed the owners locking the dogs in closets, chaining them up withing mere feet of each other and putting a food bowl in between, teaching them when they bite and hear a scream or yelp to bite harder. Personally this behavior makes me sick to my stomach and causes me to believe there is a little more to an aggressive Pitbull then just being a Pitbull. You take a German Shepeard, a Collie, a Lab and a Rott and put them through the same treatment & your going to have an aggressive attack dog out of every one of them. I currently own a Red-nose && a Gotti pitbull, which were both rescues. I worked day in and day out training them, giving them love and attention, and socializing them with other animals and children. My pitbulls are certified Disability Aid K9's and I frequently take both to the Senior Center, county fairs and many animal rights venues. Despite being surrounded by strangers, loud music, new smells and sounds they both remain calm and collected. Sable enjoys children's attention most of all and lovingly allows them to pull his ears, face and tail, all while they scream and laugh and play. Frequently he will walk into the room their in and whine lightly until they give him some kind of attention. Daddy is very relaxed and mellow and therefore is more of a senior citizen dog. He spends hours on the couch in the common room keeping them company while they do various crafts and socialize with family. Neither of these animals have ever showed any signs of aggression and have been a positive influence in many peoples lives. Should they be punished as well? Have all the terrible deeds of members of their breed so far outweighed the positive effects that mine and many like them have had? I agree that **ANY** dog, regardless of breed or size, should be euthanized IMMEDIATELY after attacking any human being. Yet, I do not believe that just because one redneck has a mullet, they all do.

    • Carrie DeSha profile image

      Carrie DeSha 

      9 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Great article! Thank you for being a responsible animal lover!

    • profile image


      9 years ago makes me sick to...pit bulls are great dogs... i have 6 pit bulls and i'll like to adope some more just to give them a good life...they deserve it...and those persons who do things like : abandon dogs or urt them or 'kill' them can just go to hell!!! dogs are really great... and its not theire fold that sometimes they are aggressive ... its the owner's fold... if they wouldn't be such assholes those cute animals are damn great!

    • Rubee profile image


      10 years ago from New York

      Love this hub. I agree with you 100%. People are the real monsters. Pit bulls need to be saved from these monsters, not banned, but helped to find loving people who will care for them. Thanks for your story, and helping people understand these dogs better.

    • profile image

      miss anne thorpe 

      10 years ago

      awww bowser is darling. my wolf hybrid/malamute riley is discriminated against too. and yet he is 70lbs of pure, unjudgemental unconditional love.

    • jj schaller profile image

      jj schaller 

      10 years ago

      love your article it seems we share the same view! I love your boxer too, she is precious. I used to "raise" them with my mom. We had one litter from each of our dogs and stopped because all of us ended up with broken hearts!!

      Keep up the great work!


    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      11 years ago from Houston, Texas

      People are the monsters...not the dogs. I agree for the most part.

      There ARE some dogs innately more aggressive than others, but that is not to say that they need to be banned. Little dogs often snap and bite people more than the larger dogs in my experience.

      My parents always had German Shephards in the house when I was growing up and they were the biggest babies, but people were afraid of them as well. It is all in how dogs are raised and how they are treated.

      As to re-habbing a larger dog that has been mistreated, our Trudy is a perfect example. She turned out to be the sweetest dog and she had obviously been mistreated before we found her.

      Keep up your campaign to educate people. Thumbs up.

    • profile image

      Brittany Shea 

      11 years ago

      man that one picture the first one.. that pit looks just like my jager!! =] I love pits.. I hate that people view them so poorly. mine is the sweetest thing ever.. better tempered than my dads cockerspaniel.. that thing has gone after me.

    • Eternal Evolution profile imageAUTHOR

      Eternal Evolution 

      11 years ago from kentucky

      Thanks for the comment Shibashake, unfortunately i haven't yet gotten to watch Dog Town. I have seen it advertised and i want to watch it, problem is i don't have dish or cable *sigh*. And i believe it about if someone comes into you yard without premising and the dog attacks that they probably can sue, if someone happens to be on your land and they break their leg they can sue. It's ridiculous.

    • shibashake profile image


      11 years ago

      I agree. It is very unfortunate that there are so few laws that protect the rights of dogs. In any human/dog encounter, the dog is always in the wrong. A friend told me that if someone climbs into your backyard, without permission, and your dog attacks them, they can sue you for damages, and who knows what will happen to the dog.

      Btw. have you seen the show DogTown on the National Geographic channel? It is a show about rescue dogs and how the people at DogTown give them a better life and help make them adoptable. Last season they had an episode on Michael Vick's fighting dogs. The show can be very heartbreaking to watch, but I enjoy it all the same.

      Hugs and kisses to Bowser and Joda.


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