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The Cabinet

Updated on March 21, 2017

Chapter 4

The Cabinet

“Stop interrupting me. Let me continue. I am forming my cabinet made up of four dockets: The president, to be the overall leader; the food bank head, responsible for coordinating and monitoring the cultivation, harvesting and storing of food; the head of the finance department, who will be in charge of managing our money; and the security chief responsible for the safety and security of our citizens,” said Freddie. When he was still discussing the formation of his cabinet, Bombastic, Claver and Malady sneaked out of the meeting and went and stole some food from the storages and hid it in the ditches they had dug secretly about five miles away from their residence.

“I would like to nominate Freddie, and since he has been our acting president, let us just confirm him,” suggested Retune.

“We have forgotten another very important post,” said Mama.

“Which one is that?”

“Chief of Staff,” answered Torero.

“I nominate Barbara,” said Retune.

Barbara, who smiled widely because of her new appointment, stood up and volunteered to give guidance on how elections for the remaining three posts ought to be conducted. “By the powers entrusted to me by all of you, I would like to suggest that those interested in serving should demonstrate their leadership skills by fielding a team in our forthcoming sports day celebration. The three captains of the three best teams will automatically head the unfilled positions on our task force. I will be the lead official by the virtue of my new position. I will be assisted by senior referees Felon, Rogue, and Commando.”

“Where are we going to get the balls for the games?” asked Raton.

“We are going to make our own balls out of grass. We need six teams. Those interested in participating in the tournament please step forward and give us the name of your club.”

“I’m seeking the food production position. I have an enormous amount of experience in agriculture modernization. If I am fortunate enough to be elected, I will make our nation healthier and stronger. My football team is called the ‘Traitors,’” said Malady.

Then bombastic stood up to speak, but Retune interrupted him. “Not you, Bombastic. You are a traitor.” His friends also started shouting and screaming, “Not you. No way. No how. You are a traitor.”

“But I have repented. I’m seeking the position of dealing with money. I have a diploma in money from MSC.”

“What does that mean?” asked Pink.

“Money Squandering Center; and if you give me your mandate, I will do everything in my power to keep our books of accounts in order. No single penny will be stolen from our bank. I am the only one who knows the tricks Johnnie always used to bankrupt our national treasury. If you don’t vote for me, Johnnie might use the same tricks I learned at the MSC to come back and steal our money and our food, which means that we will become his slaves again. We are the proud ‘Betrayers.’”

On hearing that Johnnie could come to enslave them again if Bombastic was not elected to be the finance manager, Tally trembled with fear. “I don’t want to become a slave of Johnnie again. Maybe we should forget the past and give Bombastic another chance. What our country needs right now is unity, not enmity.”

“I will stand against Bombastic for the financial management post. His pompous and bombastic behavior should not be allowed anywhere near our finances. My football club will be called the ‘Avengers,’” said Raton.

Claver stepped forward. “I want to be security chief. I have the required experience gleaned from my five years as Johnnie’s chef. I think I did a fantastic job of keeping him alive and secure. ‘Destroyers,’ is our name.”

“Then you should be disqualified and let me stand unopposed. Besides, this is a masculine sport not for you. We are the ‘Crime-Busters,’” said Retune.

“Please consider her. Let her show you her stamina and her soccer skills,” said Mama.

“She is a traitor. She cannot run for any office with her bad record of serving Johnnie the killer.”

I would like to declare my candidature for the post of head of the food production. The name of my soccer club will be the ‘Giants. Malady should not stand unopposed,” said Torero.

“Okay, that concludes our team selection exercise. Let’s be back in one hour for the fixtures,” said Barbara.


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