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Essential Books on Zoo Animal Enrichment

Updated on July 16, 2011

Enrichment Books

The first thing you will notice is that there not actually very many good books on Zoo Animal Enrichment. Many papers are currently out of print. There are a lot of Internet sites to check out, but books are few and far between. Look then in the books on Zoo Animal Training because Training is enrichment. Enrichment occupies the mind, gets it working, stimulates.

Good Zoo Keepers have been enriching their animals days, time permitting, since the Ark, but it failed to obtain recognition as one of the Zoo Biology Sciences until comparatively recently.

Today there are mentions of Enrichment in practically every zoo related manual or guidelines. Go back thirty years and you would not find one. Okay in was a 'new' word in the zoo context but still no manuals dealt with the subject.

All the books below can be ordered directly. Just click on the link below.



Some zoos have taken on the concept of enrichment in a big way. Staff have been especially hired to work on enrichment and even whole departments created.

Sadly there is still a number of old hands who cannot see the point. It was never done in their day, the animals were just as healthy so why bother. Happily such people are few and far between. We are seeing a whole new 'age' of zoos emerging.

More Books

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