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Essential Books on Zoo Animal Training

Updated on June 5, 2011

Training is an essential part of the work of a Zoo Keeper. By training we do not mean teaching animals to leap through hoops of fire or balance on balls. No, training is an essential tool to persuade the animal to perform certain behaviours which will make life for animal and keeper much less stressful.

At its most simple it is to get the animal to enter or leave its house for cleaning purposes. More complicated procedures like injection and blood draws have been shown to be possible.

Training is also part of enrichment. It keeps the animal enriches the mind. If you like it acts a bit like a combined Sudoku/crossword puzzle. It keeps the mind active.

There are literally hundreds of books out there dealing with birds, dogs and cats. Much less for exotics but the principles remain very much the same.

Here is my list of books. I have read some and they are excellent. I have used the training techniques on my staff in the past with absolutely brilliant results.

Look too at the Essential Books for Zoo Keepers.

Any of these books can be ordered directly. Just click on them and you will be taken to the Amazon Website.

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