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Top 10 List of the Planet's Most Dangerous and Deadliest Mammals

Updated on February 5, 2013

Dangerous Mammals

This list deals with the most dangerous and deadliest mammals on earth.

Some of these creatures you wouldn't consider being dangerous, such as the chimp. Others are known man killers, such as the lion, but they have such a noble reputation.

All these animals have their own laws and morals they follow. They don't follow what humans consider right or wrong, they follow their instincts.

Every one of these mammals are deadly man-killers. If encountered in the wild, be cautious! Try to make sure you're in a group and have good protection and gear.

So get your safari hat on and lets go find these dangerous animals and see how they live and deal with life.

#10 - Chimps

Chimps are social and always seem to be playing and wrestling with one another. Sitting in the sun they groom one another like to friends talking. Mothers show their young how to take twigs from trees and insert it into a termite hole and get a tasty treat.

They have their own rules and laws that they instinctively follow. To them their laws that govern them make sense. A young male when he enters his teens will start to dominate his mother and the other females in the group as males always do.

Chimps in the wild don't attack man in the wild. Their attacks come from captivity. Begin five times stronger than a human, when they attack when they attack they can leave wounds that never heal.

They have been known to kill humans.

They can attack because of poor conditions the way they are kept, for humans not going by their social order, begin abused by their owner.

Chimps have long fangs used to tear open tough foods in the jungle and for catching prey and eating it. They are smaller than humans but they are five times stronger than a man.

For a male chimp it's dominating females and forming brotherhoods that may someday over throw the leader.

So remember, these animals must be respected and understood not abused causing attacks.

#9 - Boar or Wild Pig

Pigs look cute and cuddly even wild ones. They look like they couldn't harm a fly much less a human. They would be the first to run from danger. Right? Wrong!

Wild Pigs will eat anything. That means plants, carcasses and meat. They have thick skulls and are extremely intelligent. Pigs travel in small groups with many sows their piglets and a boar to protect the family.

When one gets hurt and squeals all of them come running in defense of the wounded one. They will kill the critter that hurt the member of their family.

They've been known to chase hunters up trees and stick around for hours just waiting for him to fall..

#8 - Polar Bear

Due to Saturday morning cartoons bears have a reputation for begin cute, cuddly and always happy. They are good natured and friendly. That is in the cartoons world and shouldn't be confused with reality.

Bears have one of the best sniffers in the animal kingdom. They can smell something eighteen miles away. They have acute hearing which helps polar bears locate baby seals under the ice. Bears have enormous strength and power that would put a muscle builder to shame. They can bring down a moose or buffalo or they can move a seven hundred pound rock to get to some grubs.

They have long sharp claws that help them kill seals, walrus and whales. Their fangs are long, sharp and strong.

They kill seventeen people a year.

#7 - Dolphins

No way! We are talking about Flipper! Dolphins have saved people floundering in water and helped them to shore and seamen say that they lead them to fish. These intelligent mammals know when storms are approaching and have lead sailors to safety.

Yet dolphins have a darker side to them. They are animals attempting to survive in a hostile environment. They have pulled people into the water, bitting them and drowning them. Male dolphins prefer female humans to mate with when they can't find a female dolphin. People have been rammed and tail slapped by these creatures of the sea.

37 people a year are killed by dolphins.

They are wild animals and must be respected as such.

#6 - Tiger

On velvet paws the tiger slips through the jungle. Not a breath stirs as the cat, unseen by the deer and monkeys observes everything. It materializes out of nowhere charging at a deer. The great striped cat leaps upon it and brings it down.

Tigers are handsome cats that have captured man's imagination through respect, fear and the sense of power that these and other Great Cats have.

Tigers have become man killers wither from eating corpses that weren't buried correctly, begin young and too inexperienced to hunt their faster prey or infirm. Some have been old and humans are weak compared to a deer or water buffalo. Added bonus is that they aren't fast like a deer.

This big cat kills more humans than the other big cats. They can hide and attack humans in broad daylight. They are observant, silent and kill with the speed of lightning.

The tiger is the largest and strongest of the Big Cats.

#5 - Rhino

This tank weighs five thousand pounds and has poor eyes sight. It relies on the tick bird to warn it of danger. It's a foul tempered animal that is best left alone.

Due to it's size it has no predators save man. Man hunts it for it's horn. Chinese believe it has magical properties to it.

A female will protect her calf with her life. Females have been known to attack elephants to protect their calf.

It is believed that the rhino started the belief of the unicorn.

In India rhinos charge elephants carrying tourist and kill more people than leopards and tigers.

It was reported that Thirty-four people were charged at and killed ill tempered by rhinos in Chitwan, an area in Nepal. This happened between 2004-2009.

#3 - Elephant

Elephants are intelligent, have long memories and are aggressive. They are also unpredictable. Zoo keepers who have worked with them for 15 years have been attacked and some have died.

They weigh six to fifteen thousand pounds, their trunk contains forty thousand muscles. Elephants have large ears that act as an air conditioning unit. Their skins is thick, wrinkly and feels like sandpaper.

Elephant hunters say that elephants are most likely to charge. These big guys seem to know when they are begin hunted. Then they plan accordingly.

Why do elephants attack?

  • Sometimes the attack is by a bull elephant in Musth. He is sexually ready and wanting a fight. When he throws his weight around nothing can stop him, only get out of his way.
  • Others attack because the dominant bulls are removed or over hunting of the top bulls that causes the younger ones to attack anything they see. Once the dominant bulls return to the area, things calm down.
  • Anything the heard of females considers a threat to their young.

Think climbing up a tree will prevent an elephant from attacking you? Wrong they can uproot trees with ease. All save the biggest.

Rushing to your car and getting in thinking an elephant will stop it's attack. Wrong! They can overturn cars and trucks. Getting into your car and out racing it is the only way to escape. That is if you have enough time to get it started.

#4 - Cape Buffalo

This is a large animal that looks like a cow. It's just grazes on grass and looks peaceful in it's herd.They live in large groups of males, females and calves. These big black buffalo live in a hostile land where they are hunted by lions, hyena's and man. They are aggressive and will defend members of the herd if they are attacked.

Big hunters consider them to be extremely dangerous to hunt. Not only are they big and powerful they are wily and fearless. The Cape Buffalo is known as one of the “big five” and it also is known as “Black Death”. They are considered the most dangerous of the “big five”. These creatures kill over two hundred people a year.

So think of that when you sit down to your steak.

#2 - Hippos

In Latin the hippo is River Horse. On land looks slow, clumsy and silly. Hippos are in their element in the water where they become graceful dancers with elegance.

During the long day hippos stay in the water and will retreat from humans, going into deeper water. If they are surprised by people in boats the hippo will dive in the water and tear through the boat from below.

A male can weigh six thousand pounds, has long teeth which they fight with and is agile in the water. They don't let their weight stop them from jumping through the water.

Hippos are the most dangerous animal in Africa, killing two hundred people a year.

All these mammals combined can't make a dent to what our next mammal does to the plant. It's impact can be felt on every continent on earth. It's destructive, blood thirsty and unlike these animals, it kills for pleasure. What is it? Can you guess? Humans!

#1 - Humans

The most dangerous mammal to walk the face of the earth is Man, without a doubt. We start wars due to religion, money, fear or the quest for more power.

Humans kill other people for the thrill of it. Due to our hunger for land, we destroy many animals' habitats. We've driven many species such as the passenger pigeon, Dodo, Thylacine and a host of others to extinction.

We've destroyed far more animals than these nine on this list combined.

Yet with our intelligence we can strive for understanding and peace if we can learn to control the inner beast.


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