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The Top Three Domestic Animal Pets For Your Homes

Updated on January 5, 2014

Pets are a great way to enjoy your time at home. This article presents the top 3 domestic animals suitable for most homes. If you are an animal owner and have the money to own one of these animals then go for it! Remember, the pet shop is not always the best option. There are plenty of fun animals to choose from in pet adoption centers. Pay special attention if you are getting a dog. Nowadays, a lot of people have to disown their Golden Labradors, Poodles, and Border Collies because they just do not have the time and space.

The first domestic pet I would like to mention is the dog. The dog is probably the most activate domestic animal in comparison to other pets like cats. You should only get a dog if you are energetic. If you are going to keep your dog at home all day then forget it. You are better off with a cat instead. Dogs are great for children. They can keep them entertained, as well as your kids entertaining them. They are probably the most expensive out of the three but they are worth your time and investment. If you get yourself a dog then you will soon build a relationship which cannot match no other. A dog will become your family member, not just any pet.

The second domestic animal I would like to mention is the cat. They are total opposites to dogs, which is not too much of a surprise. They can stay at home all day (like Garfield) but it is good to get them fresh air once in a while. Cats are not energetic like dogs. They like to lie around and stare at objects. They also like receiving attention from their owners. Cats are also suitable for children but you will want to make sure their nails are blunt or else they may do a few swipes and scratches here and there.

The final pet is the fish. An aquarium can really boost the aura and atmosphere of a home. If you decorate the aquarium well then visitors will be really impressed with your home. The only trouble is the aquarium maintenance. You will have to clean the aquarium every once in a while. This means you have to take all the water out, replace it, and clean any objects inside it as well. Aquariums do not necessarily have to be on a large scale. You can even get a small bowl and keep a few fishes there. You just need to make sure that they are given an adequate supply of oxygen.

All of the above animals are great domestic pets. However, you will have to make sure they are living in a relative comfort. This means you will have to spend a few dollars on things like orthopedic dog beds, cat toys, and decent fish food.


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