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A Review of The Four Best Dog Collars for Your Dog

Updated on August 5, 2013

Isn't He Adorable?

Wouldn't you want the best collar for this adorable golden retriever?
Wouldn't you want the best collar for this adorable golden retriever? | Source

Dog Collars: Only The Best

Dogs are one of the best treated animals on this planet with loving owners to care for them. Chances are, you are probably a dog owner or a future dog owner. Most dog owners want the best for their dogs be it dog bowls, food, treats, snacks, toys or grooming supplies.

When wearing a collar, dogs need to feel comfortable in them; not to loose and not to tight. You may want a special collar be it a durable collar, or perhaps a personalized collar, a fashionable collar or a leather collar, whatever suits your needs (and your dogs needs!), this article explains it all. If you are looking for a complete guide on what collar to choose for your dog, this is the place to be!

1. Personalized Dog Collar

This collar is a real 'all-rounder'. Made by Pampered Pooches, it's fashionable, sturdy and can be personalized to fit your dog's name and your phone number onto it, too. The colours are vibrant, quirky and bring a splash of life to any dog's wardrobe.

There is no character limit so if your dog has a long name, there's no need to worry. The embroidery has a unique feel to it, it doesn't feel cheap. The best thing about this collar is that at least, if my dog gets lost, the phone number is on their collar so I can be phoned by the founder.

The material used is sturdy, strong and extra durable so your dog can get the most out of it.

2.Touch Of Luxury

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your dog, at a small price, try these leather rhinestone dog collars. They contain diamond studs and come in two colours; blue or pink.

These collars are suitable for medium sized dogs; for example a cocker spaniel. These collars are fairly durable but would not be recommended for dogs that chew things constantly!

The collar contains a diamante bone design and an expensive looking diamond encrusted buckle which will help your dog walk in style! The collar is made of an elegant leather with a smooth finish.

These collars are great for adding a little luxury to your dogs wardrobe, and at a great price too!

What collar would you like?

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3. Reflective

If you are a night time dog walker, these reflective collars are ideal for your dog. Their vibrant colours are vivid by day and the reflective material carefully integrated into the colour will alert any passers by, that you and your dog are around. If your dog runs away from you in the night, this reflective collar will signal where he is.

As well as being reflective, this collar is extra durable for the most boisterous of dogs who play with other dogs. There is a locking mechanism on this collar which makes it hard for your dog to take off and also includes a ring for placing a name tag.

There is a lot of choice with this collar, you can buy it in a variety of colours including red, purple, blue, orange and pink and it can be bought in a variety of sizes from small to extra large.

Did you know?

The most expensive dog collar in the world is valued at 3.2 million US Dollars with 52 carats of diamonds. It has been created by a California jeweller named 'I Love Dogs'. They are still waiting for someone to buy it. I don't think I will be getting that for my dog some day...

4. Fashionable: Spots n' Stripes

These collars are available with spots or stripes. The amazing thing about these fashionable collars is the range of colours you can buy them in. You can buy them in Red/Blue/Green/Purple/Brown and are the ultimate fashion statement.

The only things about these collars is the fact that they aren't for dogs who love to roll around in muck, as I found it hard to clean dirt from this collar.

Like most collars, they contain a ring so you can attach a tag to it. Their easy to fasten buckle system allows smooth and fast removal of the collar should you need to. The durable fabric lasts very long, your dog should 'wear the material' after a year or so.

What's a true fashion statement without matching accessories? With this collar, you can buy a matching leash and harness with the same patterns, a true treat for any dog. I'm not just saying it, my dog literally LOVES this collar, this would be her favourite.



Dog Collar Sizes
Dog Breed for Size
Extra Small
Chihuahua, Pomeranian
Jack Russel Terrier, Pug
Cocker Spaniel,, Dalmatian, Boxer
Labrador, Golden Retriever
Extra Large
St.Bernard, Ridgeback
This table should help you decide on what size and style to get for your dog depending on breed. It is always advised to measure your dog's muzzle first before purchasing any collar.


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    • susi10 profile image

      Susan W 4 years ago from The British Isles, Europe

      Thanks for reading, Savannah! I thought I might as well make a hub about collars too, since I had one about leashes. I am a huge dog lover, so I love writing about caring for dogs.

    • SavannahEve profile image

      SavannahEve 4 years ago from California

      This hub is also great (I commented on your leash hub that I was looking for collars, then saw this)! Thank you!