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Why Do Cats Love to Take a Bath and Clean Themselves or How to Bathe Your Cat and Remove Unwanted Hair

Updated on June 19, 2012

The Top Ten Reasons - Why Do Cats Love to Take a Bath and Clean Themselves

Why do Cats Love to Bathe Themselves

Our cats love to bathe themselves. The question is why do cats love to bathe and clean themselves? It doesn't matter how old they are or what type of cat breed. Any cat we have ever owned has always washed and washed. Sometimes I'm amazed they have any fur left at all. One of my cats purrs when she washes herself. One thing for sure, you never want to attempt to give your cat a bathe. If you do, have a medic on hand. You will end up taking the bath.

I could spend hours listening to my cat purr and observing her as she cleans herself. It's very meditational, almost like having a waterfall meditation pond. The purring is like listening to the sound of water cascading into a pond . The only difference is birds love to land on the pond and surrounding rocks. I would really love to see them try landing on my cat, maybe the start of a great friendship.

Cats can spend hours a day washing their fur, in fact sometimes they can spend a hour just washing their face alone. They are so bendable that they can reach pretty much every inch of fur over their entire body. Their tongues are rough and serve as a scrubby brush. The only downside to their tongue working so well is the fur has to go somewhere and usually ends up as a hairball covered in slime on my floor. But that's a small price to pay for the care free ownership cats provide to there masters, or should I say servents as myself.

I love the fact that cats do bathe themselves. Any dogs I have ever owned never cleaned themselves. In fact my dogs needed a bath almost every day, otherwise they smelled like wet dog, even worse. Even when my cats have been outside rolling in the dirt, they wash it all off before they come in the house and they never smell like a wet dog or wet cat.

So here then are the top ten reasons why cats love to bathe, at least from my experience.

Cats Love to Be Beautiful and Clean

Ten Reasons Why Cats Love to Clean and Bathe Themselves

Ten Reasons Why Cats Love to Clean and Bathe 5 Hours a Day

1) Cats like to stretch, its great excercise and allows them to reach all those hard to get places, a really good indicator on whether they have gained too much weight, though they won't admit it.

2) Cats like to find those hidden nuggets from the previous night's meal, and we all know how great leftovers taste. Though sometimes the nugget is from down below, but they never seem to mind. A leftover is a leftover I guess.

3) Cats like to play Mirror Mirror on the wall, so they have to look their very best at all times. For their vanity the mirror never cracks, they really are the prettiest in all the land.

4) Cats like to see how big a fur ball they can muster, the more cat hair they consume the bigger the prize. The bigger the prize the more they get to laugh at the poor slob who has to clean it up.

5) Cats never want to smell like a wet dog or any dog for that matter. They want that soft pillow on the couch and they know that's off limits if they don't smell like a rose.

6) Cats want to remove any trace of last nights party outside and get rid of those bird feathers, they really can't take a chance on spoiling their image as a good natured house cat.

7) Cats can never seem to find the toilet paper, so a good tongue job is the next best thing, not like they have a Bidet. Again those leftovers always taste better the next day anyway.

8) Cats want to look like they care, even if they spill their wet food all over the edge of their supper dish and make a mess all over the floor, they have done their job as a cat if there face is clean.

9) Cats need to get to that one itchy spot that no one seems to get to. That's why they pounce on your bladder at 4:00am. They need to be scratched, fed or maybe they just like to get even for all that snoring.

10) Cats need a change from sleeping - 16 hours, eating - 1 hour and playing 2 hours. Cats actually spend about 5 hours a day cleaning and grooming themselves.


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  • carcro profile image

    Paul Cronin 5 years ago from Winnipeg

    Hahaha, I love cats and all the things they do both to themselves and to torment us. Thanks for the great comments BLACKANDGOLDJACK!

  • BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image

    Jack Hazen 5 years ago from Blitzburgh area

    See that cat in my profile? He likes to take a dip in the toilet.

    And he finds the toilet paper all the time and tears it to shreds.

    He needs to clean himself because he tips over every trash can in the house and messes with whatever is in it.

    Your hub is hilarious!