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The Three Legged Dog

Updated on September 28, 2017

Adopting a Three Legged Dog

Recently I adopted a three legged dog. It has been years since I was able to have a dog where I lived and I missed the joys of having one. It didn't matter the breed, color, or age, I just wanted a new fur baby.

I know from experience that choosing a new pet is not only about finding the right one for you, but also being the right human for the dog. Both parties must be in compliance for it all to work out well.

When arriving at the pound I saw many dogs from large to small, and young to old, but none of them stood out, until behind the fence I spotted a beautiful brown and white medium sized one that just wanted to be loved. She was not a puppy but about two years old. The connection between the two of us was instant.

The girl who was caring for the dogs asked if I wanted to go into the play room with the little girl and I of course said yes! When I got in there with her she just smothered me in kisses and wiggled all over. We played and rolled around on the floor for about 15 minutes. It was love at first sight for the both of us I believe and I was ready to bring her home with me.

That was the moment I realized my new pup only had three legs! I asked what happened to her but the girl caring for her had no clue. I was told she came up from North Carolina and was a stray and had already lost her leg. The caregiver also told me she did well with out the missing limb.

It took me maybe a second to decide if I wanted to tackle this and decided almost immediately, yes I did. It didn't matter she only had three legs, she had a wonderful heart and soul and I knew we was going to be great pals.

I took her home and she was an instant love. I named her Nova, just because I liked the name and it seemed to fit her. She didn't need a lease as she walked right beside me and had no interest in taking off. She slept with me and was eager to see and smell everything in and out of the house.

Nova settled right into her new home, chasing the cat, playing with the kids, and just loving people in general. She didn't bark and was well behaved. I was amazed at how well she did immediately.

I did notice she tired easily though. She will play for awhile and then she needs to rest. Nova also runs into things or people when outside playing. She seems to be adjusting to her new three legs, but not without challenges for her. Nova has a bit of trouble with steps, getting in and out of the car, and other minor things, but I do believe this is because her leg has not been gone long or that's the feeling I get anyhow.

I feel with time Nova will adjust much better and gain strength in the other three legs to compensate for the one she lost. This will take some time gaining the strength she needs to jump and learn to not bump into things in her way. I believe she has adjusted much better than a human would at loosing one of their limbs.

After about a week Nova began to get really comfortable with her new family. She didn't change much int the good respects, but she did find the cat box and have a good meal. I know from experience that those things are like candy in the dog world, so that has been moved out of her reach.

The kids love her to death and so does everyone else she meets. Nova seems to like humans more than anything else, maybe because she was a stray for so long and wasn't loved with human touch.I have no regrets on bringing this beautiful new baby home. It doesn't matter to me how many legs she has. What matters is we all need love handicapped or not.


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    • Linda L Paquette profile image

      Linda L Paquette 3 months ago from New Hampshire/ Massachusettes

      she is a loved fur baby!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      she needs attention and you gave her, beautiful bonding