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The Truth about Mini Goldendoodles

Updated on July 17, 2011

Are you thinking about getting a Mini Goldendoodles?

In the last five to ten years there has been an ever growing demand for hybrid or designer dogs like the goldendoodle and mini goldendoodle. Recently the designer dog craze has gotten so popular that it seems new mini goldendoodle breeders are popping up every day.

New breeders are needed to fill the demand for the new sensation, the only problem is the some of these breeders get caught up in the craze and begin to pass on miss information and half truths.

Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

Cute Mini Goldendoodle Puppy
Cute Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

Some not so true "facts"about Mini Goldendoodles

If you are looking to buy a mini goldendoodle puppy you should do a lot of research and reading so you know that the puppy will be right for you, tour family, your lifestyle And personality.

Below are a few things that you may have heard about the mini goldendoodle that aren't quite true

They are mini

Sorry but mini doodles aren't quite mini. Most miniature goldendoodles will be about knee height when they are fully grown. Most people think of lap dogs when they hear mini, but in this case they are just mini compared to a standard sized goldendoodle. The reason they are smaller is because the female golden retriever is bred with a male toy or mini poodle.

Are mini goldendoodles hypoallergenic?

Yes and no, although I am sure that is not the answer you wanted to hear. The fact is a lot of mini goldendoodle breeders used to sell them ad being hypoallergenic, but there is no way to guarantee this. The reason breeders cannot guarantee that the puppies are hypo- allergenic is because they are a cross between a mini poodle and a golden retriever. If the puppies get more of the golden retriever genes then poodle their coat will be straighter and shed more. They are a low shedding dog though, so if you have allergies they still may be good for you

I hope that these tips have helped you pick a mini goldendoodle puppy and decide if they are right for you.

Goldendoodle Puppies Video

Mini Goldendoodle
Mini Goldendoodle
Mini Godlendoodle Puppy on the front lawn
Mini Godlendoodle Puppy on the front lawn
Cute goldendoodle playing in the garden
Cute goldendoodle playing in the garden


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    • profile image

      Stacy Parks, Phd (2019), M.S., CBCC-KA, CBST 15 months ago

      Just a few notes from a doodle breeder to everyone- Mini doodles are mini for the goldendoodle breed, but every breeder has different size schemes and levels of hypoallergenic qualities as well. be sure that the breeder you choose knows his or her own dogs and has been breeding and involved in the canine community for a long time, you will pay more for a quality doodle but be sure to look at the breeder and their knowledge of dogs and doodles! I personally own Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles and I have very satisfied families :)

    • plentyofpuppies profile image

      plentyofpuppies 7 years ago

      why thankyou :D I took the pictures of the puppies on the lawn, they are a lot of fun to play with

    • sarmack profile image

      Sarah 7 years ago from Washington

      They are just darling, puppies!