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The UN-Humane Society

Updated on November 1, 2018
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The joy and heartache of keeping pets... I liked my dogs. Then the stray cats came...


May 27, 2011

Sweet. I have as many as 6 kittens in the ceiling of my front porch. Mama made a HOLE in my roof and moved them there. I have seen two poke their heads out the hole. I am praying they don't either fall off, or suffocate in the heat. We've been having some cooler weather, but scary if it heats up!


I posted this on my Facebook page. My Niece suggested, ' Maybe call animal control or humane society to see what you can do to get them down? We don't want those babies to get hurt!'


And I said I thought about it, but cats have been having babies for quite a few years now without our help... so maybe Mama has control of the situation... At least I hope so. The hole is 'this big'... the roof is 'THIS BIG'... They are wild. There's no way to get them out! ...without tearing my roof apart and I'm not going to let that happen.


The Mama is not my cat. My neighbor feeds the 'neighborhood cats', and she eats there. She feeds about 6 now (Possoms and squirrels eat up the cat food...some birds, too) but only claims one as hers and now the other cats try to scare him away. Talk about 9 lives.... somebody or something sliced a 4 inch gash in his side and it was wide open. We thought sure he would die... but he's all well now. He is the most beautiful white cat.


The Mama is multi-colored and Snowball has been up there guarding the hole... maybe he's the Papa?

Sugar, Sweetie, Spice, Mama Kittie (now Moni), and Sammy.
Sugar, Sweetie, Spice, Mama Kittie (now Moni), and Sammy. | Source

June 24, 2011


Remember the kittens in my porch ceiling??? They were missing for 2 or 3 weeks, and now are back...


I have Mama and 4 kittens taking over my back balcony and loosening part of the outdoor carpet I put on it. So... I was going to go up and fix it. When I looked out the door, 2 kitties were sleeping, the other two playing with each other.


Looking out the window on the other side of the house...Mama was sleeping, heard something and woke up. She has to walk all the way around the house on the rain troughs (I call it the cat walk... ) I followed her around the house, saw her hop on the railing where the kitties were, and go on down the stairs.

I went down and put my dogs out back and saw the Mama and all run under the porch next door. So I went and put some DOG food out for them...(I don't have any cat food.), and when I saw Mama eating, I gathered what I needed and headed back upstairs. When I got up there and looked out the back door, here was Mama feeding (nursing) all 4 babies. Now it's rained, so there went my plans...

As you see in the picture above... there are 2 orange kittens, one black and one brown, black and white. The Mama is mostly brown and black with only a little bit of white. Calico.

July 16, 2011


This has been a wonderful kitty day!!!


First of all, I scared Mama Kittie out of the yard by mowing the lawn.


She came back and made up to me... I MEAN... rubbed up against my legs and let me pet her!!! I also picked up two of the Babies!!!


I have named the Babies now... they are Sammy (the black one), Sweetie (the calico one), Sugar and Spice (the orange ones.) Sugar is a shade lighter than Spice. I picked up Sugar and Sammy...and I think he's a boy. Not real sure yet, and I think Sugar is a girl. So.... there goes the 'wild'!!! Love it!

July 16 at 11:37 pm


Been out workin' all day... Turned my 'Potting Shed' into a 'Cat's Penthouse'...

July 17 at 5:34 pm

This has been part of the wall of my 'Dog Run'... and here are Hero and Rebel out running... for the last couple years. My son,Tracy, pryed the decoration off and preserved it to use elsewhere while he was here.

I put beige carpet on the floor of the Penthouse section, and where you see 2 spots on the left which are shelf holders, I put shelves from front to back there and cut a hole to the outside so they can get in off the pile of junk on the wooden couch which forms part of the wall, as well. I also put 2 shelves on the other side and carpeted all 4.

Then I hung a STAR on a key ring with a grossgrain ribbon halfway from the ceiling so the kitties can bat at it.... I put a heavy large cream colored pillow cover folded in 3rds on top of the floor carpet. I nailed a plastic shield half way up so my dogs can't jump up and scare the kitties.

I repainted the outside white and then hung a burgandy Venitian blind that comes down to the drawers (vacant part of the high rise as they are pretty much stuck shut...)

July 17 at 5:51pm

  • I picked Mama Kittie up and tried to put her in, and there was a glob of paint that got all over her. She wrenched and got down. Then I had to coax her back to get the paint out. I put my hand in their water dish to wash her off...

  • Later I picked up Sugar... who allows me now, and put her in the hole. She jumped to the bottom and laid down...for all of about 3 minutes, then came back out.

    But it's a start. Last night I saw Sammy laying on top of the cabinet. That's what got me thinking of making it their place.
  • I got them down from using the balcony...It's a vacant apartment I am hoping to rent, so I didn't want them up there.

Work in progress.
Work in progress.
Finished project.
Finished project.

July 29... Tragedy has struck... Sugar Baby is Dead


I've been working on this note about the kitties, saved as a draft. Now I don't know if I even want to finish it.


Something scared all of them, and Mama Kittie and I went looking for them about 1:30 in the afternoon. We found Sweetie on the front porch, then Spice on the edge of the flower garden in amongst the overgrown remains of my Bleeding Hearts. It wasn't until an hour later I found Sammy, again on the front porch.

The three kittens spent the most of the rest of the evening on the little back porch, then we had a thunderstorm with heavy rain. Next time I looked out Sammy was gone. I fed them and then Spice was gone, too. It was about 11:30 pm when I found Sugar. Whatever had chased the other kittens got her in their little house where she thought she was

I've been saying now the heat got Sugar... but what chased them all away? I don't think it was the heat...

At this time only Mama Kittie and Sweetie were there. A while later, Spice was back. I just now, 1:30 am, looked out and saw Sammy was back.

July 30

I've had dogs the last 15 years or more....I didn't want cats. They adopted me. Right now I've brought Sammy and Spice in. Sweetie still won't come to me. I put my leather gloves on (she had nailed me on the back of my hand before) and got hold of her this evening... but MAMA KITTIE came at me! And to top it off, she's got males after her again. That might be what got Sugar.

I looked out just now, and Sweetie looks so lonely out there all alone. The heat has gone down some...and she looks like she's holding up well. But I'm force feeding these other two. I found Spice, twice, laying out in the sun... the second time I brought him in. Later I brought Sammy in, when I realized he wasn't really eating, either.

Aug. 1

I just tried to feed the two I have in the house. I got 3 'drops' of chicken broth, from the bottom of the slow cooker, which is probably blood and fluid that thickens slightly, into each of them.

There was a mess on the placemat I put in the bottom of the carrier I have them in this morning, and Sammy actually used the litter box. So, their body functions are working. I'm pretty sure the mess was from Spice.

When I came home yesterday after being gone 8 hours, the baby gate was down and Sammy was on the couch. Couldn't find Spice for about an hour. I had left the carrier open and food available (the baby gate is for the dogs...I know you aren't going to keep a cat out) ...whether or not they had any.... I did see Sammy go drink out of the dog's water dish... then he went down in the basement. I thought that's where Spice might be. I turned every light on down there, but couldn't find him. I finally found him in the front room, foyer, hanging by a claw from my umbrella which dangles a few inches off the floor....


Basically, Sammy is in better shape than Spice. I found Spice lying in the hot sun twice on these horrible 90* plus degree temps. I brought him in the second time. He apparently hadn't been getting enough to eat for days. They were all eating, but I wasn't keeping track of how much. He is very bony and probably dehydrated. I am force feeding milk, water and pureed chicken with broth.

Aug. 2

I've been giving the two sick ones chicken cooked in a slow cooker, then pureed with chicken broth in the blender... kind of looks like baby food! And milk, water and some water with honey in it.

I really fear for little Spice. He might have had a stroke today, because he is more unsteady than he was and lists to one side. I gave him a bath, basically soaked in warm water, thinking that may help hydrate him. And I did get all the bugs off him.


Aug. 7

Something happened while I was away today and the little kitty, Spice is dead. He was doing so well, I am stunned. It could have been a stroke, heart failure or seizure...I don't know. I thought he might have had a stroke a few days ago, but he was rallying. He was able to take food on his own, including solid chunks, so I am so unable to believe this. RIP, little one. (Tears)


I stopped writing after Spice died.

I was able to coax Sweetie to let me handle her, and I started bringing her and Mama Kittie into the kitchen to feed them with Sammy, then let them back out. One day I noticed Sweetie all alone on the back porch, and we still had swealtering heat. Mama Kittie didn't stay around with her, so I brought her in and her and Sammy, who had gotten well, played and had fun like all little kittens should. I knew I wanted to keep them both, but I didn't want them to breed together, so a friend told me about a woman who could get all three of them fixed for free.

I met Carol and she told me she trapped strays and took them to the Humane Society to be spayed and neutered and then brought them back to release again. All they do, she told me, is clip their ear a little so we know they are already done. And they gave her free food for the strays she feeds for doing it. She said she could take them to be fixed and they wouldn't know they weren't just strays.

The story is OVER. I sent them out to be fixed and they KILLED my babies. Mama/Moni is recovering, but Sammy and Sweetie are DEAD.

This is what I had posted at the top of the story.

I put Moni in one carrier, the kittens in another, and gave them to Carol to take to the Humane Society. Carol was devastated when she brought me back Moni alone... She vowed she was done trapping strays and she has sent back all their traps. The story they gave her was the kittens had Feline Lukemia and they had to put them down.

I KNOW better. They were too young to fix and they gave them too much anitsthetic and killed them. Moni looked like she had been sewed up with a whip stitch.... She was fine, but it was very crude.

I sank to the door threshold when she told me the kittens were gone. I was so glad to hear she was bringing them back, and dumbfounded to see one of the cases was empty. Carol had called my friend to come over as soon as she told me. I still couldn't believe it....

Then Carol told us they had a couple other incidents that animals had died under their 'care'. And as we talked about it and thought about it, we understood they really didn't CARE...


Moni Jewel Abigail Dreym

It's Moni and me.
It's Moni and me.

Today.... Feb. 11, 2013

Moni has never gone back outdoors. She is an indoor cat, and I have brought in two other babies from another mother, who remains outside. (Dixie) One little boy was 'bumped' by a car and miraculously had only a bruised side for a few days and the other one showed back up after having been taken by people up the street. I brought him in and they were both so happy to see each other, I've kept them both in. They are Raven (another little black one) and Cisco Pike. (a gray tiger stripe)

I also feed another one, King, who came with a huge hole in his neck that I treated and healed with HONEY and Butter. I pick him up yet to keep the bond going...and he's soooo heavy. The same with Dixie, and now she's getting chubby again. Bless her heart, I wish I could have had her fixed. Maybe after this batch.

Dogs... I still have Hero and Rebel, and added a Dalmation Mix, Maui.

Thank you for your interest....

Please leave a comment....

Tiana Dreymor

Sweet Dixie

June 6, 2013

Dixie has had her second litter... 3 little ones born April 6 or 7. That's when she came home unpregnant. Now she has brought them around, first under Annie's deck next door where she had kept her first babies, which she'd had 5, then in my back yard, where I have been building a patio in the dog run. I have been feeding Dixie and King on the front porch, so I encouraged her to bring the babies around to the front.

They are so doggone cute...!!! I spent half the day today out on the porch, first just watching them eat/play, then took my ladder out and put a patch under my eaves where raccoons have been climbing up into the attic. (With a little bit of help from my neighbor, Tim.) The kitties scattered when Tim came, and when I was done and put all the tools away, it took them about a half hour to come back.

There is an all White one, a bit smokey white, not bright, with one blue eye and one green eye... one is a Calico, and the other one is Tiger stripe, like Mama/Dixie.

Here's Dixie and Me last November.  I don't have any pictures of the kittens yet.
Here's Dixie and Me last November. I don't have any pictures of the kittens yet.


Here's Dixie with Tiger and Callie on July 16th.
Here's Dixie with Tiger and Callie on July 16th.

Something happened to the white kitty, that I had named Smokey Jo White Dreym... She disappeared around the 4th of July... you know why.

Here you see Dixie, who's full name is Dixie Ruby Hope Dreym and her babies, Tiger Bea Diddley Dreym and Callie Ellen Coe Dreym.

They are outside cats, but they are NOT strays.

Dixie Did It Again.

Had babies.

Good grief, just April to September! I need to get that baby spayed!

Dixie came home un-pregnant on September 11. Yes, 9-11...

On the 27th, I was sitting out with the Kitties when the mailman came... then the water meter reader man came. I told him the meter was between the house and fence on the north side of my house. It's overcome with ivy and when he came right back out, I asked him, 'Did you find it?'

He said, 'No.'

So I went back there. He went into Annie's yard and walked along the fence. The meter wasn't completely covered, but I cleared it so he could see it. I stepped back and heard a loud 'MEOW'!

I STEPPED ON A BABY KITTY! Oh, my gosh... there was 4 little babies lying on the ground in a ball... I picked all of them up. The meter man said, 'Boy, you got a handful there.'

I agreed and promptly forgot about him. I took the babies and deposited them in my chair on the porch. Dixie hopped up and nuzzled them. I took them, two at a time and placed them inside the cabinet of the hexagon coffee table I had put a rug and chair pad in for the cats to go into in the winter.

Today, (October 5) they have moved to an 'igloo' I also made for cats. It is a Styrofoam box the stores get seafood shipped in. I had gotten one, turned it upside down so the lid was the floor, cut an arched hole in it and placed a plastic box inside with another chair pad in it. This is just a couple feet from the doorway to the table compartment. They seem to like it better, because it is cozier. I put a fabric cover over it and placed a brick on top to hold it down. The table has a tablecloth draped to the floor, so the door there can be covered, too.

I managed to get a fairly good picture with my Pizza Chit dig-it-al camera...

Dixie's new litter - Born 9/11/2013

They are...

Gypsy Rose Garnet Dreym, Prince Charming Onyx Dreym, Holly Opal Lux Dreym and Kookie Ray Max Dreym.

Kookie has disappeared, most likely someone took him home. At least, I hope so. The others, all girls, are alive and well and growing like weeds...

I am convinced Gypsy and Holly are twins, as they are identical.


April 7, 2014, on her first Birthday, Callie Ellen Coe Dreym had 5 babies. Talk about a BIRTH day...

I will come back and fill in details later, but I took them upstairs for 20 days and then back outside last Saturday... Callie is thrilled to be outside again, and keeping a close eye on them babies.

Dixie is expecting again.... very soon, bulging out all over, and I think all 3 of the 9/11 babies are pregnant...

Aug. 20, 2014

I guess this is an ongoing story...

May 9, my beautiful Callie died from eating a poisoned rat. Subsequently, 3 of her babies died from nursing on her after the fact, Penny, Tawny and Dusty.

Remaining orphans are Fancy and Blackie.

May 9, Dixie had her 4th litter. Shadow, Winky, Blinky and Noddy.

May 18, Gypsy gave birth to 2. Tootsie and Jackie.

May 21, Prince gave birth to 5... premies. 3 died within the first 2 days. Jazzy and Jade remain.

Holly was not pregnant.


I now have 14 cats/kittens in my upstairs (former) apartment. Through donations coming from Facebook friends, I am having them spay/neutered.

Since Holly was not pregnant, she was first. I have now spayed Dixie, Prince (last week) and Gypsy and Shadow (yesterday).

I have vouchers for 4 more, then need to see if I can get vouchers for the other 7. They are only $10 each with the voucher. ($10 for the application) I have enough money for these other 4 and another application.

If you wish to donate, send to Vista 15 at Pay Pal. Thank you.

October 18, 2014 - Update

Today Jazzy was found dead, apparently hit by a car.

I had succeeded in getting all my cats (except Fancy and Blackie) spayed and neutered. I want to thank all my friends who participated in the financing of that. My heart is aching, so I won't comment further right now.

September 5, 2015

Little Fancy died September first, the result of the debilitating effects of the poison he drank in his Mama's milk before she died. He was almost a year and a half.

Dixie disappeared the end of May...

And I lost my Hero, AKC Registered Pomeranian on June 22. He was 17 1/2...

The last of Prince's kittens, Jade Shy Ann, died of unexplained circumstances on March 16, 2015.

A grown male showed up to take Jade's place, I guess, shortly after she died. I call him Big Boy.

Blackie Buck Shot

Aug. 15, 2016

I don't think I've showed a picture of Blackie. He is the only survivor of Callie's babies. His only problem was his growth was stunted. He is, what? 2 - 2 1/2 years... and he looks like a five month old kitty...

Today's Animals...

Indoors: Moni Jewel, Cisco Pike, Raven Lucky Arrow, Blackie Buck, Big Boy... just brought in a week or so ago. Dogs: Rebel Jett, Maui... a stray taken in Nov. 2, 2011. My Precious Hero died on June 22, 2015, at 17 1/2 years old. (I see I already mentioned losing Hero. His loss is overbearing. He was a constant for all those years!)

Outdoors: Gypsy, Prince, Holly, Jackie, Tootsie, Shadow, Winky, Blinky, (Noddy disappeared), Tiger (who I think came back), and Twinkie. She showed up about a year ago in May.

[Update: All of the cats are indoor now.]

One little precious package that came and went within about a month, was Rosalina. I was nursing her back to life and suddenly she began shutting down. I sent her to a shelter, but she died.

Pretty Little Rosalina


Blackie Buck died Nov. 6,2016.

Cisco Pike died Oct. 28, 2016

Jackie O. Nassi died Aug. 8, 2017

Big Boy died Aug. 27, 2107

They just keep dying.

Twinkle Toes/Twinkie died Aug. 9, 2018

© 2013 Tiana Dreymor


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    • Vista15 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tiana Dreymor 

      2 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Excuse me? And just how do you suppose you would care for STRAY cats that get hit by cars, eat poisoned rats and are scared to death by fireworks?

      This story is from 2013...with updates til 2017.

      Today I have 9 cats, one Moni Jewel, the mama that lost her 4 babies... Raven who is 7 years old and just had to have oral surgery, with 10 days in a hospital boarding area while I recovered from a cat bite from Shadow... both Dixie's babies still... in fact, also Dixie's are twins, Gypsy and Holly... twins Winky and Blinky, Prince, and one of Gypsy's babies, Tootsie.

      All have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and kept indoors for the past 2 years. Don't tell me how to care for them!

    • profile image

      leslie parker 

      2 years ago

      While I'm sure that your intentions are good, you do not seem to know or understand much about caring for cats. If you took a little time to learn about how to properly care for cats and kittens things would go much better for you and the cats.


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