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The Wild and The Beautiful

Updated on November 10, 2013
all rights reserved
all rights reserved

Beauty Found in The Wild, on a Winter's Day

On a snow covered landscape, the brown deer move, in search of green leaves,their hunger driving them on. Beneath a warming sun, bathed in a haze, on this winter's day in January. Black crows call in the distance, as they congregate in tall barren trees. The trees, which have long since lost their leaves to the coming chill and winds of winter, stand in lines as they seem to guard the land that lays before them. Out on the frozen lake, wild geese waddle about in their search of the mystery mother nature has shown them,

There is a sudden change of the waters, which have become cold and hard in the overnight hours. Small sparrows chatter and hop about on naked limbs of low trees, their brown speckled bodies, shiver in the chilling winds sent in waves by the wafting currents of a relentless attack, there on the pale surfaces near the frozen lake's waters. A lonesome hoot owl gives credence to the new day, with its hoot-hooting, as it scans the scenery from afar, in search of some foolish mouse that might be out on this most uncomfortable day. It too, is in search of what morsel it may find. The harsh frigid winter months take their toll on wild creatures in their struggles of survival out in the elements. Birds of prey, fox, and wild cats, all must struggle in finding food sources and battle the cold in their daily lives of these long lived winter days..

As I sit at the window, I'm snugly wrapped in the warmth of a wool blanket, and I peer out at the broad landscape, all white, under a field of gray sky. The limbs of bare trees stand as a testament to winter, and what sun there is, hanging masked under the graying atmosphere of an endless marching of clouds. The air is filled with the hint of a new snow and small flakes begin to sting the eyes of the mother deer, as she pushes the baby fawn that she had birthed only days before. They move to a lone conifer, its dark green refuge towering in a silhouette, against the daunting paleness of the January sky line. My thoughts run to the days of summer and a warm bright sun that livens the very cells of the skin and brings new life to a long suffering body, exposed to the demanding elements of an extended winter's relentless assaults.

As for me, at the moment, I will be quite content to sip my steaming cup of coffee and eat the hot broth, I call potato soup. In the warm and bathing comfort of my fire lit cabin, I am contented, and in my resolve, that better days lie ahead for the wild creatures out side of my window, and for me, in days soon to come. I take solace and hold it in the depths of my soul. The winter's day soon fades into night, as darkening shadows loom over the horizon and steel away color from all that lays beneath it, here on that endless landscape in the wild. Winter, robbed in white, and preparing to set the canvas scene with yet another daunting landscape. for another year.

all rights reserved and under copyright 2009.

Winter watch.
Winter watch.


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Oh how I remember those long and sometimes dreary days of Winter when we lived in Wisconsin. We so looked forward to Springtime and the new life that would emerge. Your writing perhaps bears a personal meaning known only to you. There are hints of it...the looking forward to better days. Hope that those better days have arrived and are here to stay. Voted up & interesting.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 

      7 years ago from United States

      A charming landscape! Thanks for sharing it. You make me look forward to winter.


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