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The Wonderful World of Dog and Cat Doors! Make Life Easier, Install a Pet Door Today!

Updated on August 13, 2009

I love my dogs! My wife and I have three beautiful, furry daughters (two of which are rescue dogs) and they each hold a special place in my heart. Though I adore my four-legged friends and can't imagine my life without them, there are days when…dare I say it…they annoy me! Ahhhh….telling the truth is wonderful; it really does set you free! Though I adore my furry friends, some days I'm just not in the mood to pick up poop, bathe a dog that has rolled in an unknown (yet dead) substance, or get up at 6:00 in the morning because one of them has to go outside to "do their business." However, as we all know, with the good, comes the bad and as far as my dogs go…the good days most certainly outnumber the bad ones.

I love to sleep in! There is nothing like sleeping in on a Saturday morning and when I do finally wake up not getting out of bed until I darn well feel like it! Unfortunately, I don't get to sleep in very often as my dogs need to go outside to poop and pee and if I procrastinate, well, I will most certainly have a special present waiting for me when I come downstairs. I know, I know, I can always go back to bed, however, once I'm up, I'm up! To solve this little problem, my wife and I have decided to purchase a dog door. Thankfully, there are MANY different types to choose from (I'm sure there is one out there that will fit our needs).

The SmartDoor

I simply LOVE this doggie door…it is awesome! The SmartDoor is an electronic dog door that is operated by a lightweight key. NO, your dog doesn't have to be trained to actually use a key to unlock the door (that would be next to impossible, unless, of course, your dog is an absolute genius!). He simply wears a key (that is worn as a tag that is hooked on to his collar) which enables him to communicate with the SmartDoor via radio frequency. As your dog approaches the door, it unlocks…all by itself! The best part is that is actually re-locks once your pet has passed through. The SmartDoor offers three different levels of security (you choose the one that you are most comfortable with). You can leave it in the automatic position which allows unlimited entry through use of the special key, always locked, or always unlocked. The SmartDoor is energy efficient (has an insulated flap and resistant seal), fits all standard doors, and comes with a life-time warranty!

The Extreme Weather Pet Door
The Extreme Weather Pet Door

The Extreme Weather Pet Door

So, you live in Minnesota and don't think that installing a dog door is a good idea due to the extremely cold winters…well think again! The Extreme Weather Pet Door was made for people (or should I say dogs and cats) that live in extreme climates. This specially made door has a triple flap system that actually blocks the elements (think rain, snow, wind, etc). In fact, the Extreme Weather Pet Door actually helps to reduce your home's energy costs as it offers FOUR TIMES the energy efficiency of other dog and cat doors. Its durable, plastic frame fits most standard doors and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Ding Dong Anyone Home?

Ok, I know it's not a pet door…but this little gadget is so cool…I had to write about it! The Smart Pet Doorbell enables your dog (or cat) to announce when he or she wants to go out or come in. Brilliant! Basically, you mount an easy to install unit inside your home and your dog wears a special key on his collar (just like the SmartDoor!). When your pet comes within three feet of the door (inside or out) it emits a doorbell like sound letting you know that they are ready to come in (or vice versa). The Smart Pet Doorbell is an excellent tool to use when housetraining a new puppy! The only downside I can see is if your dog tends to nap by the door (my dog, Kiwi naps by the door all the time)…I can imagine the doorbell ringing none stop…which yes, would cause me to pull my hair out. Thank goodness the tone of the doorbell is adjustable! Over all, the Smart Pet Doorbell System is a unique idea! Personally, I had no idea that doggie doorbells were even existed!

Pet doors are wonderful for lazy people like me. Ok, even if you are NOT lazy…they are still a cool idea. I know for a fact that my dogs would love the freedom to go outside whenever their little hearts desired. If you have a pet and are tired of getting up early in order to take them outside, why not consider getting a pet door? After all, anything that makes life just a little bit easier is worth a shot! Woof!  


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    • miragerainy profile image

      miragerainy 8 years ago

      Great hub! Our furry friends deserve the best!