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The Wonders of Raising Your Own Child/Pet

Updated on May 1, 2015

I still remember it like it was yesterday, when my niece, Sasha was adopted, she was only a 2 month puppy. She was very sensitive. After spending a day in our house, she became sick, so we sent her back to the shopkeeper for three days. My sister wasn't ready for motherhood yet as she was afraid that she might end up hurting her newly adopted daughter. Remember, we're talking about a puppy, not an actual person. When we first saw her, she was running around the shop while her biological sibling vomited. Right now, she's barking at a car. When we first had her, she seemed a little lifeless. Compared to the Sasha we know now, she was way different. In our family, Sasha ended up developing her own personality. That's why we consider her as a person now. Describing her, she is very demanding, but she loves everyone except for her uncle which is me. When she meets a stranger, she barks very violently, but shivers and runs to her mother when let down. Although she is left alone in the house very often, she's still afraid to be alone. We live in an Islamic country, that's why we can't bring her outside of the house. Even my mom or her grandma, who used don't like dogs, now cares for her very much. That's because one time when she was crying, Sasha ran towards her and liked her tears. Sasha is very much loved by our whole family and is really my sister's daughter. We had so much joy in raising her. If only we knew we would have so much love towards Sasha, we wouldn't have adopted her. We also know the agony that will come in 14 years. We don't know even if we will be able to survive that agony.

Here Are Some Tips

  • Try using a carpet or a mat for housebreaking your poodle
  • Never start feeding her human food or else she might start rejecting her dog food.
  • When leaving your poodle at home, turn on the TV as she might feel like there is someone in the house.
  • There are many recipes for making dog food online, try checking some out.
  • If you could, let your poodle sleep next to you and if you live in a non-Islamic country bring her with you when you travel as much as possible.
  • Bond with her by playing games like thug of war and fetch.
  • Remember to bathe her once either a week or two weeks. Remember also to comb her or her hair might get tangled up.
  • Buy her and make her get used to Pedigree's teeth cleaning chewing sticks, but try not to make Pedigree her dog food as there are some complaints about it's recipe.
  • Speak to her even if she doesn't understand you. All she needs is your love.
  • Try to be a little strict on her, so she might obey you and not demand you unlike our Sasha.
  • Finally, don't get over attached to her as you'll end in misery after a few years.


When taking her to the vet for vaccination, beware as the doctor's assistants might bathe your if you tell them. Bathing a poodle before having vaccination would put major stress on it's body. One time, our Sasha got a bath before having her vaccination and she would scream whenever someone touched her. She wasn't even able to fall asleep as it would hurt her when see lies down. We were in some much mental pain when we saw her physical pain, especially my sister. Also the doctor would recommend that you buy your poodle or other breeds Hill's Science Plan dog food. Don't buy it as it has harmful ingredients such as corn. Why vets recommend this is because the brand offers them at a very discounted price. If you want your poodle to be stylish, make her wear clothes from the start or she might end up resisting you in the future. When you also developed a close bond with her, beware as she might become demanding and might bark at you at night for attention.

In The End

I would say if you have a fragile heart. Do not adopted a puppy. In the end, you will have so much misery, you would die. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Here Is A Video for All Dog Lovers

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