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The best dog toys

Updated on January 24, 2011

How important are dog toys?

 The use of dog toys are an important tool in the training of your dog and when used correctly dog toys can not only produce a happy dog, but a happy owner who can be proud of their dogs behaviour. It is important that dog toys are used correctly, but when done so, they can produce excellent results.

There are many dog toys to choose from with a huge variety of styles and selling points. A good dog toys should be able to be used to reward the dog on following a taught command, or to keep your dog occupied for hours, whilst also developing its intelligence and problem solving skills. In this article I will suggest dog toys that I believe offer a dog and owner the best multi use and great training potential.

Squirrel dog toy
Squirrel dog toy

Great playtime dog toys

The 'hide a squirrel' puzzle dog toy has 377 positive reviews on Amazon, so speaks for itself. This excellent dog toy is fantastic for keeping dogs amused for hours on end. Place the squirrels inside the log; your dog will then enjoy the challenge of removing the squeak toy squirrels from the cut holes. It is durable enough for many hours of play and suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog. A top choice dog toy for playtime! Also available with bees if you prefer yellow!

Puppy enjoying squirrel dog toys
Puppy enjoying squirrel dog toys

Food dispensing dog toys

Making a dog work for his food is a great training exercise. Rather than presenting a bowl full of food that disappears in seconds, challenge your dog to work for ALL of his food by using food dispensing dog toys. The use of such toys can improve training and handling as well as being more healthy for the dog. There are a great variety on offer. Kong toys are incredibly popular; frozen kongs are fantastic if you need to leave your dog alone for a period of time- a frozen kong dog toy provides hours of distraction. The kong wobbler selected below tests dogs problem solving whilst also challenging their handling through a 'wobbling' motion; great fun! The IQ treat ball is an excellent choice as the level of difficulty can be changed as your dog progresses whilst also being suitable for all type of dog.

Dog Toys
Dog Toys

Chewing dog toys

Allowing your dog to chew is important for it to maintain healthy teeth and jaws. It is also important to recognise that chewing to a dog comes as naturally as tail wagging; there is no preventing it. Unless you supply your dog with a chewing dog toy, you can expect anything and everything to be destroyed. Chewing dog toys are the best answer to preventing this destruction, whilst also keeping teeth healthy and chomping dogs distracted. There are a range of chewing dog toys that will suit all dog types and a variety of dog games and training.

Chewing dog toys
Chewing dog toys


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    • dosburros profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks very much Keanchor! It cant be underestimated just how much dogs can be attached to their toys!

    • keanchor profile image


      7 years ago

      this is gooddddd


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